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Miscellaneous PARI/GP Tutorials

Tutorials written by the PARI group


  • The PARI/GP entry in the Rosetta code wiki.

  • Dictionaries between PARI/GP and the algorithms in Henri Cohen's first two books GTM138 and GTM193 (for efficiency's sake the implementations may not follow the text's description or implement superior variants).

  • Sample GP scripts from the documentation, as seen from within the Vim editor: [README]

    These scripts are HTML-ified and provided for online browsing only. You may copy-paste them into GP, but downloading them is unlikely to be useful.

    [ | | | | | | | ]

  • Online reference manual for GNU readline (line editing under gp).

  • How to integrate PARI within Mathematica using MathLink.
  • How to call external programs using extern (worked out example: John Cremona's mwrank).

En Français

  • Une présentation pour les enseignants du secondaire.
  • Une présentation/tutoriel du système [PDF]


  • A series of introductory lectures about number theory, written by William Stein. Contains an introduction to GP and many fun scripts.
  • The SIAM 100-digit challenge book, written by Folkmar Bornemann, Dirk Laurie, Stan Wagon, and Jörg Waldvogel. Contains many advanced GP scripts written to solve Trefethen's challenge problems.

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