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Quotes from happy customers

Once you have managed to get the code size below 1.5kB you should consider submitting it to the IOCCC.
Jörg Pietschmann, email, August 1995.

I hope you and your collaborators will be able to eliminate the bugs [...] in the forthcoming (final?) release of PARI.
Michael Stoll, email, April 1997.

It was so fast, we thought it must have been written in French.
Wieb Bosma, Luminy, October 1997.

Argghhhh!!! And I thought GP was a clean language...
Paul Zimmermann, email, April 2005.

Long live Pari-GP and the coding genius keeping it vital!
Kurt Foster, pari-users, October 2012.

I know of no other way to factor large numbers on the London underground.
Kevin Buzzard, email about PariDroid, October 2016.

Il ne vous est pas venu à l'idée de l'appeler "Pari en ligne" ? Ça devrait attirer les foules.
Paul Zimmermann, email about 'GP in your browser', January 2017.

Fun Stuff

  • Fin, a dolphin-shaped implementation of a ``complete'' RSA system (key generation, encryption, decryption) using perl, dc and gp. (Vipul Ved Prakash, available as a ThinkGeek T-shirt).

  • The MC68020 assembler kernel around which historical versions of PARI were built (written by Christian Batut, Henri Cohen, and Michel Olivier, 1986).

  • The first stages of the PARI project (scans, Cohen-Dress, 1983).

  • A scan of the piece of paper on which François Dress proposed the PARI acronym (1983).

  • Théorie des nombres et ordinateurs (ENS Paris, 1983), a conference given by Henri Cohen, where he discusses the main features of his planned arithmetic system.

  • A report on PARI/GP's ancestor ISABELLE, an interpretor for higher arithmetic written in 1979 by Henri Cohen and François Dress.

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