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The PARI/GP version control system

We use the GIT open-source revision control system. For us developers, it provides network-transparent source control. For users it provides a convenient way to obtain patched versions in between releases, or follow development branches. GIT clients are available for all major platforms: Unix, MacOS, Windows. In particular, the git command-line client is readily available in all Linux distributions.

This file documents access to the PARI GIT server, which is intended for PARI lovers who want the very latest bleeding edge release and development branches. These sources may contain severe bugs, they may not even compile, benches may fail and so on. Stable releases are made available on a regular basis via a message to the pari-announce mailing list.

Note that in order to use the sources fetched via GIT, you will need working bison (version 3.0 and above) and perl installation. You can access the PARI repository in many different ways:

Browsing / Single Download

When you do not expect to fetch sources again in the near future.
  • A web gateway to the GIT server.
  • You can download a nightly snapshot of PARI/GP from both stable (2.odd.*) and developement (2.even.*) branches. These snapshots are complete archives and do not need either bison or perl.

Development work

This includes just following a rapidly changing series of patches you are interested in.

Note: We worked happily for many years with CVS, then Subversion, and provided anonymous read-only CVS / Subversion servers. The transition period is over: fetching PARI using this method is no longer possible; please upgrade to GIT.

PARI/GP Development
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