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Documentation coverage test

Version tested: 2.16.1 (development 28920-5f2f1e7126)

This page is regenerated every night by a crontab, it lists the libpari public functions declared in paridecl.h for which adequate documentation is currently missing. An immediate goal is to make that list empty and keep it that way.

paridecl.h: 4 functions

 void  parforstep(GEN a, GEN b, GEN s, GEN code, void *E, long call(void*, GEN, GEN))
 void  parforstep_init(parforstep_t *T, GEN a, GEN b, GEN s, GEN code)
 GEN   parforstep_next(parforstep_t *T)
 void  parforstep_stop(parforstep_t *T)

The private file paripriv.h is now covered as well: the interfaces and names are currently unsatisfactory, and the code must be reviewed and improved before being formally exported. This is a long term goal.

paripriv.h: 230 functions

 long  BPSW_psp_nosmalldiv(GEN N)
 GEN   F2m_gauss_pivot(GEN x, long *rr)
 GEN   F2m_gauss_sp(GEN a, GEN b)
 GEN   F2m_invimage_i(GEN A, GEN B)
 void  FleV_add_pre_inplace(GEN P, GEN Q, GEN a4, ulong p, ulong pi)
 void  FleV_dbl_pre_inplace(GEN P, GEN a4, ulong p, ulong pi)
 void  FleV_mulu_pre_inplace(GEN P, ulong n, GEN a4, ulong p, ulong pi)
 void  FleV_sub_pre_inplace(GEN P, GEN Q, GEN a4, ulong p, ulong pi)
 ulong Flj_order_ufact(GEN P, ulong n, GEN F, ulong a4, ulong p, ulong pi)
 GEN   Flm_Fl_polmodular_evalx(GEN phi, long L, ulong j, ulong p, ulong pi)
 GEN   Flm_Frobenius_pow(GEN M, long d, GEN T, ulong p)
 GEN   Flm_gauss_sp(GEN a, GEN b, ulong *detp, ulong p)
 GEN   Flm_inv_sp(GEN a, ulong *detp, ulong p)
 GEN   Flm_invimage_i(GEN A, GEN B, ulong p)
 GEN   Flm_pivots(GEN x, ulong p, long *rr, long inplace)
 GEN   FlxqM_mul_Kronecker(GEN A, GEN B, GEN T, ulong p)
 GEN   Flxq_log_index(GEN a0, GEN b0, GEN m, GEN T0, ulong p)
 int   Flxq_log_use_index(GEN m, GEN T0, ulong p)
 GEN   FpM_Frobenius_pow(GEN M, long d, GEN T, GEN p)
 GEN   FpMs_leftkernel_elt_col(GEN M, long nbcol, long nbrow, GEN p)
 GEN   FpXQX_factor_Berlekamp(GEN x, GEN T, GEN p)
 GEN   FpX_to_mod_raw(GEN z, GEN p)
 GEN   FqM_mul_Kronecker(GEN x, GEN y, GEN T, GEN p)
 void  GRH_ensure(GRHcheck_t *S, long nb)
 ulong GRH_last_prime(GRHcheck_t *S)
 int   GRHok(GRHcheck_t *S, double L, double SA, double SB)
 GEN   LLL_check_progress(GEN Bnorm, long n0, GEN m, int final, long *ti_LLL)
 int   MR_Jaeschke(GEN n)
 GEN   RgM_pivots(GEN x0, GEN data, long *rr, pivot_fun pivot)
 void  RgMs_structelim_col(GEN M, long nbcol, long nbrow, GEN A, GEN *p_col, GEN *p_lin)
 GEN   RgXQ_charpoly_i(GEN x, GEN T, long v)
 GEN   RgX_recipspec_shallow(GEN x, long l, long n)
 GEN   ZM_pivots(GEN x0, long *rr)
 GEN   ZXQ_charpoly_sqf(GEN A, GEN B, long *lambda, long v)
 GEN   ZX_DDF_max(GEN x, long dmax)
 ulong ZX_ZXY_ResBound(GEN A, GEN B, GEN dB)
 GEN   ZX_ZXY_resultant_all(GEN A, GEN B, long *lambda, GEN *LPRS)
 int   ZX_canon_neg(GEN z)
 GEN   ZX_disc_all(GEN,ulong)
 GEN   ZX_resultant_all(GEN A, GEN B, GEN dB, ulong bound)
 GEN   ZlXQX_hyperellpadicfrobenius(GEN H, GEN T, ulong p, long n)
 GEN   ZlXQXn_expint(GEN h, long e, GEN T, GEN p, ulong pp)
 GEN   ZpXQ_norm_pcyc(GEN x, GEN T, GEN q, GEN p)
 void  abpq_init(struct abpq *A, long n)
 void  abpq_sum(struct abpq_res *r, long n1, long n2, struct abpq *A)
 GEN   adduispec_offset(ulong s, GEN x, long offset, long nx)
 ulong ascend_volcano(GEN phi, ulong j, ulong p, ulong pi, long level, long L, long depth, long steps)
 long  bernbitprec(long N)
 GEN   bezout_lift_fact(GEN T, GEN Tmod, GEN p, long e)
 ulong bnf_increase_LIMC(ulong LIMC, ulong LIMCMAX)
 long  ceilsqrtdiv(GEN x, GEN y)
 GEN   check_mod_factored(GEN nf, GEN ideal, GEN *fa, GEN *fa2, GEN *archp, GEN MOD)
 void  check_nfelt(GEN x, GEN *den)
 GEN   chk_factors_get(GEN lt, GEN famod, GEN c, GEN T, GEN N)
 long  cmbf_maxK(long nb)
 GEN   coltoalg(GEN nf,GEN x)
 GEN   contfraceval_inv(GEN CF, GEN tinv, long nlim)
 GEN   contfracinit_i(GEN M, long n)
 ulong *convi(GEN x, long *l)
 long  cosets_perm_search(GEN C, GEN p)
 double dabs(double s, double t)
 double darg(double s, double t)
 double dbllambertW0(double a)
 double dbllambertW_1(double a)
 double dbllog2(GEN z)
 void  dcxlog(double s, double t, double *a, double *b)
 GEN   ddf_to_ddf2(GEN V)
 long  ddf_to_nbfact(GEN D)
 ulong descend_volcano(GEN phi, ulong j, ulong p, ulong pi, long level, long L, long depth, long steps)
 GEN   dim1proj(GEN prh)
 GEN   direuler_factor(GEN s, long n)
 int   divisors_init(GEN n, GEN *pP, GEN *pE)
 double dnorm(double s, double t)
 GEN   double_eta_quotient(GEN a, GEN w, GEN D, long p, long q, GEN pq, GEN sqrtD)
 GEN   double_eta_raw(long inv)
 GEN   ell2selmer_basis(GEN ell, GEN *cb, long prec)
 GEN   ellQ_genreduce(GEN E, GEN G, GEN M, long prec)
 GEN   ellQ_isdivisible(GEN E, GEN P, ulong l)
 GEN   ellintegralbmodel(GEN e, GEN *pv)
 GEN   ellminimalbmodel(GEN E, GEN *ptv)
 void  ellprint(GEN e)
 GEN   enum_roots(ulong j, norm_eqn_t ne, GEN fdb, GEN G, GEN vshape)
 void  export_add(const char *str, GEN val)
 void  export_del(const char *str)
 GEN   export_get(const char *str)
 GEN   extract_full_lattice(GEN x)
 GEN   factorbackprime(GEN nf, GEN L, GEN e)
 GEN   famat_zlog_pr(GEN nf, GEN g, GEN e, GEN sprk, GEN mod)
 GEN   ffinit_Artin_Schreier(ulong p, long l)
 GEN   ffinit_rand(GEN p, long n)
 GEN   fincke_pohst(GEN a,GEN BOUND,long stockmax,long PREC, FP_chk_fun *CHECK)
 void  free_GRHcheck(GRHcheck_t *S)
 GEN   galoiscosets(GEN O, GEN perm)
 GEN   galoiscyclo(long n, long v)
 GEN   galoisinitfromaut(GEN T, GEN aut, ulong l)
 GEN   gen_if_principal(GEN bnf, GEN x)
 GEN   gred_rfrac_simple(GEN n, GEN d)
 hashtable *hashstr_import_static(hashentry *e, ulong size)
 GEN   hnaive_max(GEN ell, GEN ht)
 GEN   hnfadd(GEN m,GEN p,GEN* ptdep,GEN* ptA,GEN* ptC,GEN extramat,GEN extraC)
 GEN   hnfadd_i(GEN m,GEN p,GEN* ptdep,GEN* ptA,GEN* ptC,GEN extramat,GEN extraC)
 GEN   hnfspec(GEN m,GEN p,GEN* ptdep,GEN* ptA,GEN* ptC,long k0)
 GEN   hnfspec_i(GEN m,GEN p,GEN* ptdep,GEN* ptA,GEN* ptC,long k0)
 void  init_GRHcheck(GRHcheck_t *S, long N, long R1, double LOGD)
 void  init_modular_big(forprime_t *S)
 void  init_modular_small(forprime_t *S)
 GEN   init_red_mod_units(GEN bnf, long prec)
 void  init_zlog(zlog_S *S, GEN bid)
 GEN   initgaloisborne(GEN T, GEN dn, long prec, GEN *pL, GEN *pprep, GEN *pdis)
 GEN   inv_szeta_euler(long n, long prec)
 int   is_gener_Fl(ulong x, ulong p, ulong p_1, GEN L)
 int   is_gener_Fp(GEN x, GEN p, GEN p_1, GEN L)
 ulong is_kth_power(GEN x, ulong p, GEN *pt)
 long  isanypower_nosmalldiv(GEN N, GEN *px)
 GEN   isprincipalarch(GEN bnf, GEN col, GEN kNx, GEN e, GEN dx, long *pe)
 long  j_level_in_volcano(GEN phi, ulong j, ulong p, ulong pi, long L, long depth)
 void  killallfiles(void)
 int   lgcdii(ulong* d, ulong* d1, ulong* u, ulong* u1, ulong* v, ulong* v1, ulong vmax)
 GEN   lift_if_rational(GEN x)
 GEN   log_gen_arch(zlog_S *S, long index)
 GEN   log_gen_pr(zlog_S *S, long index, GEN nf, long e)
 GEN   log_prk(GEN nf, GEN a, GEN sprk, GEN mod)
 GEN   log_prk_init(GEN nf, GEN pr, long k, GEN mod)
 GEN   log_prk_units(GEN nf, GEN D, GEN sprk)
 GEN   log_prk_units_init(GEN bnf)
 GEN   logagmcx(GEN q, long prec)
 GEN   make_integral(GEN nf, GEN L0, GEN f, GEN listpr)
 GEN   mathnfspec(GEN x, GEN *ptperm, GEN *ptdep, GEN *ptB, GEN *ptC)
 GEN   matrixnorm(GEN M, long prec)
 GEN   mfrhopol(long n)
 GEN   mfrhopol_eval(GEN Q, GEN t2)
 GEN   mfrhopol_u_eval(GEN Q, ulong t2)
 GEN   minkowski_bound(GEN D, long N, long r2, long prec)
 ulong modfn_root(ulong j, norm_eqn_t ne, long inv)
 long  modfn_unambiguous_root(ulong *r, long inv, ulong j0, norm_eqn_t ne, GEN jdb)
 long  modinv_degree(long *p1, long *p2, long inv)
 long  modinv_j_from_2double_eta(GEN F, long inv, ulong x0, ulong x1, ulong p, ulong pi)
 long  modinv_level(long inv)
 long  modinv_ramified(long D, long inv, long *pN)
 GEN   monomial(GEN a, long degpol, long v)
 GEN   monomialcopy(GEN a, long degpol, long v)
 GEN   mpqs(GEN N)
 GEN   muliispec(GEN x, GEN y, long nx, long ny)
 pariFILE * newfile(FILE *f, const char *name, int type)
 long  next_surface_nbr(ulong *nJ, GEN phi, long L, long h, ulong J, const ulong *pJ, ulong p, ulong pi)
 GEN   nf_direct_compositum(GEN nf, GEN A, GEN B)
 GEN   nflistQT(long n, long k, long v)
 void  pari_close_hgm(void)
 GEN   pari_get_seadata(void)
 void  pari_init_ellcondfile(void)
 void  pari_init_hgm(void)
 void  pari_init_seadata(void)
 void  pari_set_primetab(GEN global_primetab)
 void  pari_set_seadata(GEN seadata)
 void  pari_set_varstate(long *vp, struct pari_varstate *vs)
 GEN   perm_generate(GEN S, GEN H, long o)
 long  perm_relorder(GEN p, GEN S)
 GEN   polclass0(long D, long inv, long vx, GEN *db)
 long  polishomogeneous(GEN P)
 GEN   polmodular0_ZM(long L, long inv, GEN J, GEN Q, int compute_derivs, GEN *db)
 void  polmodular_db_add_level(GEN *db, long L, long inv)
 void  polmodular_db_add_levels(GEN *db, long *levels, long k, long inv)
 void  polmodular_db_clear(GEN db)
 GEN   polmodular_db_for_inv(GEN db, long inv)
 GEN   polmodular_db_getp(GEN fdb, long L, ulong p)
 GEN   polmodular_db_init(long inv)
 GEN   polsym_gen(GEN P, GEN y0, long n, GEN T, GEN N)
 GEN   poltobasis(GEN nf,GEN x)
 int   popinfile(void)
 void  prime_table_next_p(ulong a, byteptr *pd, ulong *pp, ulong *pn)
 GEN   producttree_scheme(long n)
 GEN   qfb_nform(long D, long n)
 void  random_curves_with_m_torsion(ulong *a4, ulong *a6, ulong *tx, ulong *ty, long ncurves, long m, ulong p, ulong pi)
 GEN   red_mod_units(GEN col, GEN z)
 GEN   red_montgomery(GEN T, GEN N, ulong inv)
 GEN   redimagsl2(GEN q, GEN *U)
 ulong rgcduu(ulong d, ulong d1, ulong vmax, ulong* u, ulong* u1, ulong* v, ulong* v1, long *s)
 GEN   rnfallbase(GEN nf, GEN pol, GEN lim, GEN eq, GEN *pD, GEN *pfi, GEN *pdKP)
 GEN   rnfdisc_get_T(GEN nf, GEN P, GEN *lim)
 GEN   rpowuu(ulong a, ulong n, long prec)
 GEN   ser2pol_i(GEN x, long lx)
 GEN   ser2pol_i_normalize(GEN x, long l, long *v)
 GEN   ser2rfrac_i(GEN x)
 GEN   sertocol(GEN S)
 long  set_optimize(long what, GEN g)
 ulong snextpr(ulong p, byteptr *d, long *rcn, long *q, int (*ispsp)(ulong))
 GEN   sort_factor_pol(GEN y, int (*cmp)(GEN,GEN))
 void  sprk_get_AgL2(GEN s, GEN *A, GEN *g, GEN *L2)
 void  sprk_get_U2(GEN s, GEN *U1, GEN *U2)
 GEN   sprk_get_cyc(GEN s)
 GEN   sprk_get_expo(GEN s)
 GEN   sprk_get_ff(GEN s)
 GEN   sprk_get_gen(GEN s)
 GEN   sprk_get_pr(GEN s)
 GEN   sprk_get_prk(GEN s)
 GEN   sprk_log_gen_pr(GEN nf, GEN sprk, long e)
 GEN   sprk_log_gen_pr2(GEN nf, GEN sprk, long e)
 GEN   sprk_log_prk1(GEN nf, GEN a, GEN sprk)
 GEN   sprk_to_bid(GEN nf, GEN L, long flag)
 GEN   sqr_ser_part(GEN x, long l1, long l2)
 GEN   sqrispec(GEN x, long nx)
 long  subcyclo_nH(const char *fun, GEN N, GEN *psg)
 int   subgroup_conductor_ok(GEN H, GEN L)
 GEN   subgroupcondlist(GEN cyc, GEN bound, GEN listKer)
 GEN   subgrouplist_cond_sub(GEN bnr, GEN C, GEN bound)
 GEN   swap_vars(GEN b0, long v)
 GEN   trans_fix_arg(long *prec, GEN *s0, GEN *sig, GEN *tau, pari_sp *av, GEN *res)
 pariFILE * try_pipe(const char *cmd, int flag)
 GEN   vddf_to_simplefact(GEN V, long d)
 GEN   veccond_to_A5(GEN L, long s)
 GEN   veclog_prk(GEN nf, GEN v, GEN sprk)
 GEN   vecperm_extendschreier(GEN C, GEN v, long n)
 ulong xgcduu(ulong d, ulong d1, int f, ulong* v, ulong* v1, long *s)
 ulong xxgcduu(ulong d, ulong d1, int f, ulong* u, ulong* u1, ulong* v, ulong* v1, long *s)
 GEN   zellagmcx(GEN a0, GEN b0, GEN r, GEN t, long prec)
 GEN   zk_ei_mul(GEN nf, GEN x, long i)
 GEN   zk_galoisapplymod(GEN nf, GEN z, GEN S, GEN p)
 GEN   znstar_bits(long n, GEN H)
 long  znstar_conductor(GEN H)
 long  znstar_conductor_bits(GEN bits)
 GEN   znstar_cosets(long n, long phi_n, GEN H)
 GEN   znstar_elts(long n, GEN H)
 GEN   znstar_generate(long n, GEN V)
 GEN   znstar_hnf(GEN Z, GEN M)
 GEN   znstar_hnf_elts(GEN Z, GEN H)
 GEN   znstar_hnf_generators(GEN Z, GEN M)
 GEN   znstar_reduce_modulus(GEN H, long n)
 GEN   znstar_small(GEN zn)
 long  zx_is_pcyc(GEN T)

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