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Documentation coverage test

Version tested: 2.14.0 (development 26452-cf3aedf233)

This page is regenerated every night by a crontab, it lists the libpari public functions declared in paridecl.h for which adequate documentation is currently missing. An immediate goal is to make that list empty and keep it that way.

paridecl.h: 21 functions

 GEN   Flm_intersect_i(GEN x, GEN y, ulong p)
 INLINE GEN    mkvecsmall5(long x,long y,long z,long t,long u)
 GEN   RgM_mul_i(GEN x, GEN y)
 GEN   RgXY_derivx(GEN x)
 GEN   ag_kernel(GEN S)
 GEN   ag_subgroup_image(GEN S, GEN H)
 void  bnr_char_sanitize(GEN *pbnr, GEN *pchi)
 void  bnr_subgroup_sanitize(GEN *pbnr, GEN *pH)
 GEN   dirpowerssum0(GEN N, GEN s, GEN f, long prec)
 GEN   ecpp0(GEN N, long stopat)
 void  ellQ_setprec(long prec)
 ulong hclassno6u_from_cache(ulong D)
 GEN   ideals_by_norm(GEN nf, GEN a)
 GEN   polsubcyclo(long n, long d, long v)
 GEN   polsubcyclosmall(GEN n, long ell, long s, long fli)
 GEN   quadpoly_i(GEN D)
 void  setalldebug(long lvl)
 GEN   sunits_mod_units(GEN bnf, GEN S)
 INLINE ulong  gtou(GEN x)
 GEN   vandermondeinverse(GEN L, GEN T, GEN den, GEN prep)
 GEN   vandermondeinverseinit(GEN L)

The private file paripriv.h is now covered as well: the interfaces and names are currently unsatisfactory, and the code must be reviewed and improved before being formally exported. This is a long term goal.

paripriv.h: 240 functions

 long  BPSW_psp_nosmalldiv(GEN N)
 GEN   F2m_gauss_pivot(GEN x, long *rr)
 GEN   F2m_gauss_sp(GEN a, GEN b)
 GEN   F2m_invimage_i(GEN A, GEN B)
 void  FleV_add_pre_inplace(GEN P, GEN Q, GEN a4, ulong p, ulong pi)
 void  FleV_dbl_pre_inplace(GEN P, GEN a4, ulong p, ulong pi)
 void  FleV_mulu_pre_inplace(GEN P, ulong n, GEN a4, ulong p, ulong pi)
 void  FleV_sub_pre_inplace(GEN P, GEN Q, GEN a4, ulong p, ulong pi)
 ulong Flj_order_ufact(GEN P, ulong n, GEN F, ulong a4, ulong p, ulong pi)
 GEN   Flm_Fl_polmodular_evalx(GEN phi, long L, ulong j, ulong p, ulong pi)
 GEN   Flm_Frobenius_pow(GEN M, long d, GEN T, ulong p)
 GEN   Flm_gauss_sp(GEN a, GEN b, ulong *detp, ulong p)
 GEN   Flm_inv_sp(GEN a, ulong *detp, ulong p)
 GEN   Flm_invimage_i(GEN A, GEN B, ulong p)
 GEN   Flm_pivots(GEN x, ulong p, long *rr, long inplace)
 GEN   FlxV_direct_compositum(GEN V, ulong p)
 GEN   Flx_direct_compositum(GEN A, GEN B, ulong p)
 GEN   FlxqM_mul_Kronecker(GEN A, GEN B, GEN T, ulong p)
 GEN   FlxqX_direct_compositum(GEN P, GEN Q, GEN T, ulong p)
 GEN   Flxq_log_index(GEN a0, GEN b0, GEN m, GEN T0, ulong p)
 int   Flxq_log_use_index(GEN m, GEN T0, ulong p)
 GEN   FpM_Frobenius_pow(GEN M, long d, GEN T, GEN p)
 GEN   FpMs_leftkernel_elt_col(GEN M, long nbcol, long nbrow, GEN p)
 GEN   FpXQX_factor_Berlekamp(GEN x, GEN T, GEN p)
 GEN   FpXV_direct_compositum(GEN V, GEN p)
 GEN   FpX_compositum(GEN A, GEN B, GEN p)
 GEN   FpX_direct_compositum(GEN A, GEN B, GEN p)
 GEN   FpX_to_mod_raw(GEN z, GEN p)
 GEN   FqM_mul_Kronecker(GEN x, GEN y, GEN T, GEN p)
 void  GRH_ensure(GRHcheck_t *S, long nb)
 ulong GRH_last_prime(GRHcheck_t *S)
 int   GRHok(GRHcheck_t *S, double L, double SA, double SB)
 GEN   LLL_check_progress(GEN Bnorm, long n0, GEN m, int final, long *ti_LLL)
 int   MR_Jaeschke(GEN n)
 GEN   QXQX_homogenous_evalpow(GEN P, GEN A, GEN B, GEN T)
 GEN   RgM_pivots(GEN x0, GEN data, long *rr, pivot_fun pivot)
 void  RgMs_structelim_col(GEN M, long nbcol, long nbrow, GEN A, GEN *p_col, GEN *p_lin)
 GEN   RgX_homogenous_evalpow(GEN P, GEN A, GEN B)
 GEN   RgX_recipspec_shallow(GEN x, long l, long n)
 GEN   ZM_pivots(GEN x0, long *rr)
 GEN   ZXQ_charpoly_sqf(GEN A, GEN B, long *lambda, long v)
 ulong ZX_ZXY_ResBound(GEN A, GEN B, GEN dB)
 GEN   ZX_ZXY_resultant_all(GEN A, GEN B, long *lambda, GEN *LPRS)
 GEN   ZX_disc_all(GEN,ulong)
 GEN   ZX_resultant_all(GEN A, GEN B, GEN dB, ulong bound)
 GEN   ZlXQX_hyperellpadicfrobenius(GEN H, GEN T, ulong p, long n)
 GEN   ZlXQXn_expint(GEN h, long e, GEN T, GEN p, ulong pp)
 GEN   ZpXQ_norm_pcyc(GEN x, GEN T, GEN q, GEN p)
 void  abpq_init(struct abpq *A, long n)
 void  abpq_sum(struct abpq_res *r, long n1, long n2, struct abpq *A)
 GEN   adduispec_offset(ulong s, GEN x, long offset, long nx)
 int   approx_0(GEN x, GEN y)
 ulong ascend_volcano(GEN phi, ulong j, ulong p, ulong pi, long level, long L, long depth, long steps)
 long  bernbitprec(long N)
 GEN   bezout_lift_fact(GEN T, GEN Tmod, GEN p, long e)
 long  bnf_increase_LIMC(long LIMC, long LIMCMAX)
 void  check_nfelt(GEN x, GEN *den)
 GEN   chk_factors_get(GEN lt, GEN famod, GEN c, GEN T, GEN N)
 long  cmbf_maxK(long nb)
 GEN   coltoalg(GEN nf,GEN x)
 GEN   contfraceval_inv(GEN CF, GEN tinv, long nlim)
 ulong *convi(GEN x, long *l)
 long  cosets_perm_search(GEN C, GEN p)
 double dabs(double s, double t)
 double darg(double s, double t)
 double dbllog2(GEN z)
 void  dcxlog(double s, double t, double *a, double *b)
 GEN   ddf_to_ddf2(GEN V)
 long  ddf_to_nbfact(GEN D)
 ulong descend_volcano(GEN phi, ulong j, ulong p, ulong pi, long level, long L, long depth, long steps)
 GEN   dim1proj(GEN prh)
 GEN   direuler_factor(GEN s, long n)
 GEN   divgunu(GEN x, ulong i)
 int   divisors_init(GEN n, GEN *pP, GEN *pE)
 GEN   divrunu(GEN x, ulong i)
 double dnorm(double s, double t)
 GEN   double_eta_quotient(GEN a, GEN w, GEN D, long p, long q, GEN pq, GEN sqrtD)
 GEN   double_eta_raw(long inv)
 GEN   ell2selmer_basis(GEN ell, GEN *cb, long prec)
 GEN   ellQ_genreduce(GEN E, GEN G, GEN M, long prec)
 GEN   ellQ_isdivisible(GEN E, GEN P, ulong l)
 GEN   ellintegralbmodel(GEN e, GEN *pv)
 void  ellprint(GEN e)
 GEN   enum_roots(ulong j, norm_eqn_t ne, GEN fdb, classgp_pcp_t G)
 void  export_add(const char *str, GEN val)
 void  export_del(const char *str)
 GEN   export_get(const char *str)
 GEN   extract_full_lattice(GEN x)
 GEN   factorbackprime(GEN nf, GEN L, GEN e)
 GEN   ffinit_Artin_Schreier(ulong p, long l)
 GEN   ffinit_rand(GEN p, long n)
 GEN   fincke_pohst(GEN a,GEN BOUND,long stockmax,long PREC, FP_chk_fun *CHECK)
 void  free_GRHcheck(GRHcheck_t *S)
 GEN   galoiscosets(GEN O, GEN perm)
 GEN   galoiscyclo(long n, long v)
 GEN   gen_if_principal(GEN bnf, GEN x)
 GEN   gred_rfrac_simple(GEN n, GEN d)
 hashtable *hashstr_import_static(hashentry *e, ulong size)
 GEN   hnaive_max(GEN ell, GEN ht)
 GEN   hnfadd(GEN m,GEN p,GEN* ptdep,GEN* ptA,GEN* ptC,GEN extramat,GEN extraC)
 GEN   hnfadd_i(GEN m,GEN p,GEN* ptdep,GEN* ptA,GEN* ptC,GEN extramat,GEN extraC)
 GEN   hnfspec(GEN m,GEN p,GEN* ptdep,GEN* ptA,GEN* ptC,long k0)
 GEN   hnfspec_i(GEN m,GEN p,GEN* ptdep,GEN* ptA,GEN* ptC,long k0)
 GEN   hyperell_redsl2(GEN Q)
 void  init_GRHcheck(GRHcheck_t *S, long N, long R1, double LOGD)
 void  init_modular_big(forprime_t *S)
 void  init_modular_small(forprime_t *S)
 GEN   init_red_mod_units(GEN bnf, long prec)
 void  init_zlog(zlog_S *S, GEN bid)
 GEN   initgaloisborne(GEN T, GEN dn, long prec, GEN *pL, GEN *pprep, GEN *pdis)
 GEN   inv_szeta_euler(long n, long prec)
 int   is_gener_Fl(ulong x, ulong p, ulong p_1, GEN L)
 int   is_gener_Fp(GEN x, GEN p, GEN p_1, GEN L)
 ulong is_kth_power(GEN x, ulong p, GEN *pt)
 long  isanypower_nosmalldiv(GEN N, GEN *px)
 GEN   isprincipalarch(GEN bnf, GEN col, GEN kNx, GEN e, GEN dx, long *pe)
 long  j_level_in_volcano(GEN phi, ulong j, ulong p, ulong pi, long L, long depth)
 void  killallfiles(void)
 int   lgcdii(ulong* d, ulong* d1, ulong* u, ulong* u1, ulong* v, ulong* v1, ulong vmax)
 GEN   lift_if_rational(GEN x)
 GEN   log_gen_arch(zlog_S *S, long index)
 GEN   log_gen_pr(zlog_S *S, long index, GEN nf, long e)
 GEN   log_prk(GEN nf, GEN a, GEN sprk, GEN mod)
 GEN   log_prk_init(GEN nf, GEN pr, long k, GEN mod)
 GEN   log_prk_units(GEN nf, GEN D, GEN sprk)
 GEN   log_prk_units_init(GEN bnf)
 GEN   logagmcx(GEN q, long prec)
 GEN   make_integral(GEN nf, GEN L0, GEN f, GEN listpr)
 GEN   mathnfspec(GEN x, GEN *ptperm, GEN *ptdep, GEN *ptB, GEN *ptC)
 GEN   matrixnorm(GEN M, long prec)
 GEN   mfrhopol(long n)
 GEN   mfrhopol_eval(GEN Q, GEN t2)
 GEN   mfrhopol_u_eval(GEN Q, ulong t2)
 GEN   minkowski_bound(GEN D, long N, long r2, long prec)
 ulong modfn_root(ulong j, norm_eqn_t ne, long inv)
 long  modfn_unambiguous_root(ulong *r, long inv, ulong j0, norm_eqn_t ne, GEN jdb)
 long  modinv_degree(long *p1, long *p2, long inv)
 long  modinv_j_from_2double_eta(GEN F, long inv, ulong x0, ulong x1, ulong p, ulong pi)
 long  modinv_level(long inv)
 long  modinv_ramified(long D, long inv)
 GEN   monomial(GEN a, long degpol, long v)
 GEN   monomialcopy(GEN a, long degpol, long v)
 GEN   mpqs(GEN N)
 GEN   muliispec(GEN x, GEN y, long nx, long ny)
 pariFILE * newfile(FILE *f, const char *name, int type)
 long  next_surface_nbr(ulong *nJ, GEN phi, long L, long h, ulong J, const ulong *pJ, ulong p, ulong pi)
 GEN   nf_direct_compositum(GEN nf, GEN A, GEN B)
 GEN   nflist_A462_worker(GEN P3, GEN X, GEN Xinf, GEN listarch, GEN GAL)
 GEN   nflist_A46S46P_worker(GEN P3, GEN Xinf, GEN sqX, GEN cards)
 GEN   nflist_A4S4_worker(GEN P3, GEN X, GEN Xinf, GEN cards)
 GEN   nflist_C32C4_worker(GEN P4, GEN X, GEN Xinf, GEN GAL)
 GEN   nflist_C32D4_worker(GEN P, GEN X, GEN Xinf, GEN gs)
 GEN   nflist_C3C3_worker(GEN gi, GEN V3, GEN V3D, GEN X)
 GEN   nflist_C3_worker(GEN gv, GEN T)
 GEN   nflist_C4vec_worker(GEN gm, GEN X, GEN Xinf, GEN gs)
 GEN   nflist_C5_worker(GEN N, GEN bnfC5)
 GEN   nflist_C6_worker(GEN P3, GEN X, GEN Xinf, GEN M, GEN T)
 GEN   nflist_C9_worker(GEN P, GEN X, GEN Xinf)
 GEN   nflist_CL_worker(GEN Fcond, GEN bnf, GEN ellprec)
 GEN   nflist_D4_worker(GEN D, GEN X, GEN Xinf, GEN listarch)
 GEN   nflist_D612_worker(GEN P3, GEN X, GEN Xinf, GEN limd2s2)
 GEN   nflist_D9_worker(GEN P2, GEN X, GEN Xinf)
 GEN   nflist_DL_worker(GEN P2, GEN X1pow, GEN X0pow, GEN X, GEN Xinf, GEN ells)
 GEN   nflist_Mgen_worker(GEN field, GEN X, GEN Xinf, GEN ella)
 GEN   nflist_S32_worker(GEN all1, GEN X, GEN Xinf, GEN V3, GEN gs)
 GEN   nflist_S36_worker(GEN pol, GEN X, GEN Xinf)
 GEN   nflist_S3C3_worker(GEN D2, GEN X, GEN Xinf)
 GEN   nflist_S3I_worker(GEN ga, GEN ALLCTS)
 GEN   nflist_S3R_worker(GEN ga, GEN ALLCTS)
 GEN   nflist_S462_worker(GEN P3, GEN X, GEN Xinf, GEN listarch13, GEN GAL)
 GEN   nflist_S46M_worker(GEN P3, GEN X, GEN Xinf, GEN gs)
 GEN   nflist_V4_worker(GEN D1, GEN X, GEN Xinf, GEN gs)
 GEN   pari_get_seadata(void)
 void  pari_init_ellcondfile(void)
 void  pari_set_primetab(GEN global_primetab)
 void  pari_set_seadata(GEN seadata)
 void  pari_set_varstate(long *vp, struct pari_varstate *vs)
 GEN   perm_generate(GEN S, GEN H, long o)
 long  perm_relorder(GEN p, GEN S)
 GEN   polclass0(long D, long inv, long xvar, GEN *db)
 long  polishomogeneous(GEN P)
 GEN   polmodular0_ZM(long L, long inv, GEN J, GEN Q, int compute_derivs, GEN *db)
 void  polmodular_db_add_level(GEN *db, long L, long inv)
 void  polmodular_db_add_levels(GEN *db, long *levels, long k, long inv)
 void  polmodular_db_clear(GEN db)
 GEN   polmodular_db_for_inv(GEN db, long inv)
 GEN   polmodular_db_getp(GEN fdb, long L, ulong p)
 GEN   polmodular_db_init(long inv)
 GEN   polsym_gen(GEN P, GEN y0, long n, GEN T, GEN N)
 GEN   poltobasis(GEN nf,GEN x)
 int   popinfile(void)
 void  prime_table_next_p(ulong a, byteptr *pd, ulong *pp, ulong *pn)
 GEN   producttree_scheme(long n)
 GEN   qfb_nform(long D, long n)
 GEN   ramanujantau_worker(GEN gt, GEN p2_7, GEN p_9, GEN p)
 void  random_curves_with_m_torsion(ulong *a4, ulong *a6, ulong *tx, ulong *ty, long ncurves, long m, ulong p)
 GEN   red_mod_units(GEN col, GEN z)
 GEN   red_montgomery(GEN T, GEN N, ulong inv)
 GEN   redimagsl2(GEN q, GEN *U)
 ulong rgcduu(ulong d, ulong d1, ulong vmax, ulong* u, ulong* u1, ulong* v, ulong* v1, long *s)
 GEN   rnfdisc_get_T(GEN nf, GEN P, GEN *lim)
 GEN   rpowuu(ulong a, ulong n, long prec)
 GEN   ser2pol_i(GEN x, long lx)
 GEN   ser2rfrac_i(GEN x)
 GEN   sertocol(GEN S)
 long  set_optimize(long what, GEN g)
 ulong snextpr(ulong p, byteptr *d, long *rcn, long *q, int (*ispsp)(ulong))
 GEN   sort_factor_pol(GEN y, int (*cmp)(GEN,GEN))
 GEN   sprk_log_gen_pr(GEN nf, GEN sprk, long e)
 GEN   sprk_log_prk1(GEN nf, GEN a, GEN sprk)
 GEN   sqr_ser_part(GEN x, long l1, long l2)
 GEN   sqrispec(GEN x, long nx)
 int   subgroup_conductor_ok(GEN H, GEN L)
 GEN   subgroupcondlist(GEN cyc, GEN bound, GEN listKer)
 GEN   subgrouplist_cond_sub(GEN bnr, GEN C, GEN bound)
 GEN   swap_vars(GEN b0, long v)
 GEN   taugen_n_worker(GEN t, GEN pol, GEN p4)
 GEN   trans_fix_arg(long *prec, GEN *s0, GEN *sig, GEN *tau, pari_sp *av, GEN *res)
 pariFILE * try_pipe(const char *cmd, int flag)
 GEN   vddf_to_simplefact(GEN V, long d)
 GEN   veclog_prk(GEN nf, GEN v, GEN sprk)
 GEN   vecperm_extendschreier(GEN C, GEN v, long n)
 ulong xgcduu(ulong d, ulong d1, int f, ulong* v, ulong* v1, long *s)
 ulong xxgcduu(ulong d, ulong d1, int f, ulong* u, ulong* u1, ulong* v, ulong* v1, long *s)
 GEN   zellagmcx(GEN a0, GEN b0, GEN r, GEN t, long prec)
 GEN   zk_ei_mul(GEN nf, GEN x, long i)
 GEN   zk_galoisapplymod(GEN nf, GEN z, GEN S, GEN p)
 GEN   znstar_bits(long n, GEN H)
 long  znstar_conductor(GEN H)
 long  znstar_conductor_bits(GEN bits)
 GEN   znstar_cosets(long n, long phi_n, GEN H)
 GEN   znstar_elts(long n, GEN H)
 GEN   znstar_generate(long n, GEN V)
 GEN   znstar_hnf(GEN Z, GEN M)
 GEN   znstar_hnf_elts(GEN Z, GEN H)
 GEN   znstar_hnf_generators(GEN Z, GEN M)
 GEN   znstar_reduce_modulus(GEN H, long n)
 GEN   znstar_small(GEN zn)
 long  zx_is_pcyc(GEN T)

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