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Download PARI/GP

If you intend to compile PARI/GP from a source distribution, make sure the GNU MP and GNU readline libraries are already installed on your system. They are not mandatory but make the gp calculator respectively faster and more user-friendly. (See the Extras section for details.)


You may also want to download some Optional Packages.

Source distributions

2.15.4 2023-06-27
Snapshot corresponding to the latest version with all current patches applied.

Windows, binary distributions

First determine whether you are running a 32-bit or 64-bit version of Windows (probably 64-bit nowadays), then select the appropriate binary:
  • Stable 32-bit version: Pari32-2-15-4.exe (91.6 MB), Jun 29 2023
    sha256sum: 42a087a7505e7d41abfe94a0abf5cd7d2a21cf80aa784cf31ac7327a6b8fe442
    md5sum: aa3aea4d3c3a35d184d1a9634da38947
  • Stable 64-bit version: Pari64-2-15-4.exe (97.9 MB), Jun 29 2023
    sha256sum: 7ea9e87b250c3810632fba7c1f53a502034faca390735f1818b856d5d9e81e7a
    md5sum: 1be71402d6bbdd90c2138565cea85f1a
  • Development 32-bit version: Pari32-2-16-1.exe (91.7 MB), Jan 3 2024
    sha256sum: 90af38db253c2ed089b0ea58ddf80c7f5e12f5f3de908916562d684cc7593f1d
    md5sum: f481ae6bbcd40a342110baafec6bc3c3
  • Development 64-bit version: Pari64-2-16-1.exe (98.1 MB), Jan 3 2024
    sha256sum: ef9a4385433226b9c7ddf4e10405d9d78afd8dd36c3d1eb3a31e2462f61e1153
    md5sum: 6f037ef85b83971110d38776cfd53a99
  • Daily Snapshots (32-bit, 64-bit): basic GP binaries built daily from the master branch. Bleeding edge !

MacOS, binary distributions

Basic DMG for MacOS (no packages)

  • Stable (intel) : PariGP-2.15.4.dmg (18.7 MB), Jun 29 2023
    sha256sum: 738a4adf1c88b5d3d80dcd0caa9c7afb41658677bed0a7998fc353ba29afbf5d
    md5sum: b22b75e1e89c067dab93e9efebfe4ed5
  • Stable (arm) : PariGP-arm-2.15.4.dmg (15.4 MB), Jun 29 2023
    sha256sum: 01ada035df2d91d0ee7f2a3cbaa1e32d447b35ee56f9d61e97336428203bc205
    md5sum: 2ea672b5fbd5cbf109ca9638d5ca875d
  • Stable (arm) multithreaded : PariGP-arm-2.15.4-pthread.dmg (16.0 MB), Jun 29 2023
    sha256sum: 2dd62ff61f079a2af026a9eb0ceadcb1d1236c3984a25d5cc5680f47123056ac
    md5sum: 7ab1a6cc1784fa442fba6c74edd36aab
  • Development (intel) : PariGP-2.16.1.dmg (19.0 MB), Jan 3 2024
    sha256sum: 8c1b6221cd39e19f0c0865b044b1aebe60ad6ae525b806416f085ec674c7e356
    md5sum: a677edf2de3c4d00c0b3504ab5c3886d ;
  • Development (arm) : PariGP-arm-2.16.1.dmg (15.7 MB), Jan 3 2024
    sha256sum: ec4db53b4e92533004c0994fc9fc93be8564ee20a9fc2911b5397cdc385357ca
    md5sum: 8d71f187b174bb827c1f77534d0aa21d ;
  • Development (arm) multithreaded : PariGP-arm-2.16.1-pthread.dmg (15.8 MB), Jan 3 2024
    sha256sum: f99a3bbd0d339e0241ef28f403855684ffa055098791de2cfb6aac326091951d
    md5sum: 616ce556886f2f148f609790ba0745b7 ;

Full DMG for MacOS (all packages)

  • Stable (intel) : PariGP-full-2.15.4.dmg (99.3 MB), Jun 29 2023
    sha256sum: 79ab8aec04b5c8f1a398c0a29918a6a1d2d8d1986aa9503ef4d67df05b465102
    md5sum: 2d48b41ccc055d1bd08c3595eadf4f94
  • Stable (arm) : PariGP-arm-full-2.15.4.dmg (107.0 MB), Jun 29 2023
    sha256sum: cc991d87e2d9da4b9cfeb2365bc1e6be737b30017152870b7abc7179219889fb
    md5sum: aa89b3b0ab6eb6773bc66d05fe6b1bb0
  • Stable (arm) multithreaded : PariGP-arm-full-2.15.4-pthread.dmg (107.5 MB), Jun 29 2023
    sha256sum: b51ff857aca7bc823c8e4bec3acc9b2aa32b9d7cf7f4bfc25ea431703019f603
    md5sum: cbe9d24ed2d177dbb80c3de1c663fcfa
  • Development (intel) : PariGP-full-2.16.1.dmg (99.6 MB), Jan 3 2024
    sha256sum: 5e09055a8dc687e579c0645ead15fafeb4ff89c0cb3ccf3a1b185e7a25db9dcc
    md5sum: 406957a7a9f2338a9d8626ee499ea2ca ;
  • Development (arm) : PariGP-arm-full-2.16.1.dmg (107.2 MB), Jan 3 2024
    sha256sum: ffb2a2399506268ad67cd4736ef20202eeab0709ffb650cb5b11ef6dd5ae48b6
    md5sum: 7277fa54ebec13554632b601e88ab8cf ;
  • Development (arm) multithreaded : PariGP-arm-full-2.16.1-pthread.dmg (107.4 MB), Jan 3 2024
    sha256sum: 212d5690997605f778ad09671ddd40ce66e1bf79d0328eb8d4becbde4a7794e8
    md5sum: b1074dee2d836386615113e9bea882b8 ;
Snapshot from our GIT server a basic GP binary built daily from the master branch.

Android, binary distributions


The GP to C compiler translates GP scripts to PARI programs.


  • The GNU readline library provides line editing under GP, an automatic context-dependent completion, and an editable history of commands.
  • The GNU MP library can be used as a replacement for the native multiprecision kernel. It is rather faster than the native kernel (benchmarks).
  • The PariEmacs package. Require PARI/GP-2.4.1 and up. GP can be run in an Emacs buffer, with all the obvious advantages if you are familiar with this editor. This package was developped alongside PARI/GP for a long time. It is now developped independently and must be downloaded separately. (In particular, PARI/GP and PariEmacs may be upgraded independently.)

  • perl (used by the gphelp script) provides extended online help (full text from this manual) about functions and concepts, which can be used under GP or independently.


The complete PARI/GP archive with older versions is available via HTTP or FTP.

PARI/GP Development
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