Kurt Foster on Sat, 27 Oct 2012 04:34:57 +0200

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Re: New PARI/GP logo

On Oct 26, 2012, at 4:16 AM, Karim Belabas wrote:

We originally only wanted to clean up the old logo, and get an SVG version. We then found out that this logo had to be modified, because it had been derived from the logo of University Bordeaux 1 without explicit permission, and adding graphical elements like the red "+" sign to the existing logo, or changing colors, was not allowed.

So we asked a graphist in Bordeaux to propose a new logo. The new PARI/GP logo now hints at the current Bordeaux 1 logo with permission :-)

The new logo is nice. I know, because I turned on images in my web browser just so I could look at it. I think I might have looked at the old logo also, but if so it was many years ago. I had had no idea Gerhard Niklasch had designed it, but he is a long time correspondent in the NMBRTHRY listserv. I think the old logo was good. It's too bad University Bordeaux couldn't find way to maintain its association with the logo.

Perhaps I am not as graphically oriented as the up-and-coming generation, but my appreciation of Pari-GP has little to do with its logo. And I recognize that a logo is a convenient identifier, which should help users recognize things as bona-fide Pari-GP.

But to me, what is important is what "bona-fide Pari-GP" signifies.

As a clueless newbie WRT operating systems, computer architecture, memory models, C compilers, etc etc etc., but with the advice of the people who actually wrote the code, I was able to install not only Pari-GP, but the gmp multiprecicion kernel, on an iMac.

Once I had gmp and Pari-GP installed, I was able to execute computations that were useful both in generating error messages that could not be reproduced, and also test cases for revisions in Pari-GP algorithms.

When new versions were done, the people writing the code frankly said the new code would solve old problems but create new ones.

Of course, such candor would be suicidal in the commercial software world.

But when it comes to accomplishing specific computational goals in a specialized area, it is beneficial.

Long live Pari-GP and the coding genius keeping it vital!

Sorry, I have no suggestions on how to emblazon that in a logo.