Kevin Buzzard on Sat, 22 Nov 1997 05:30:36 +0100

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Re: gp version 2.0 under emacs

> It definitely seems that your prompt uses escape secuences (to print
> it in a special color, or something like that). I'd guess this is what
> is confusing pari.el.

Well that's a start. I tried the colour option briefly, but switched
it back off again when it made my black xterm go white :). Now there
are no colour defaults set in my .gprc . I even deleted my .gprc
and the thing still didn't work.

> Have you checked that you don't have anything left of the
> configuration of the old pari.el (for instance, setting the
> commandline flags passed to gp) someplace in default.el or your
> .emacs? Are you sure that you are running the new pari.el, and not the
> old one?

Of this I am sure: the old pari.el is on my old computer,
which is about 6000 miles away.

> I think the new pari.el gives gp the special flag -emacs on gp:s
> command line. Perhaps that makes a difference?

This is also the command my machine is executing.


OK, I don't want to just clog up the list here, no doubt most people
here don't care about my problems with Linux on an i586. I mentioned
the problem I was having because I rather hoped that lots of people
were having it and hence that someone would solve it quickly. I've
now heard from a couple of people saying that they have the new gp
running through emacs on an i586 with Linux, so the problem is
almost certainly mine and not pari's. If anyone has any more
suggestions as to why I can't get gp to run correctly in emacs
then maybe they should just email me personally, rather than
continually sending mail to lots of people who aren't running gp
on a Linux machine. No doubt I have something configured
incorrectly somewhere...

If people send me some interesting email on the topic then I'll
summarise it and post it to the list. Thanks a lot for your help,

Kevin Buzzard