Yuri on Mon, 26 Nov 2018 20:44:01 +0100

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Re: readline history doesn't work on FreeBSD

On 11/26/18 10:43 AM, Karim Belabas wrote:
The problem is we need to have a filename and a place on the filesystem
where it can be written ("~/.gp_history" is arbitrary).

We have no good universal choice here [e.g. "~" doesn't exist on Windows]
and I personally hate it when programs start to write files all over my
directories without telling me or (worse) without providing overrides.

Also this file can become quite big over time, depending on the value of
history-size (which may be set in readline's initialization file).

So we let the user opt in for the feature and provide explicit
instructions ...

An alternative solution is to make readline history work by default on systems where locations are unambiguous.

Linux, BSD, MacOS, even Cygwin have particular user home directories where it is customary to write files beginning with a dot like ~/.gp_history.

Windows doesn't have many things, another example being is software packaging system is missing on Windows. This doesn't mean that others shouldn't have packaging systems, on the opposite, virtually all of them do.

Letting one bad actor to spoil experience for everybody is kind of silly.