Atelier 2017

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Welcome to Atelier PARI/GP 2017


New features


  • doctesting
  • cypari2: Python interface to libpari on Sage trac on github
  • ECPP

  • Jared Assuncion: doctesting + elliptic curve primality proving branch with a first implementation is available; certificates compatible with magma
  • Peter Bruin: linear algebra over finite fields and over Z work in progress
  • François Brunault: elliptic curves over number fields (ellisomat)
  • Thomas Camus: lattices over alg. integers
  • Giacomo Cherubini : doctesting + numerics on Kloosterman sums
  • Henri Cohen: modular forms + numerical methods for summation small tasks from last year implemented: code and tests are there, documentation is in progress
  • Christophe Delaunay: zeroes of L-functions elliptic curves
  • Vincent Delecroix : compact orbits of SL_3(R)/SL_3(Z) first working program
  • Jeroen Demeyer: plotting with output to SVG files: essentially finished
  • Simon Drewitz : hyperbolic orbifolds change of plans towards a different, hopefully working algorithm
  • Luca De Feo: cypari: Python bindings for PARI/GP implemented in Cython: essentially finished Sage preparations ready
  • Andreas Enge: PARI-GNUMP gforge project available
  • Jean-Pierre Flori: ell. point counting / ECPP contributions to Jared’s project
  • Herbert Gangl: zetamult
  • Quentin Gazda : ?
  • Rafael Guglielmetti: doctest + computation in low degree number fields (roots, signs)
  • Dana Jacobsen : performance measurements + ECPP
  • Fredrik Johansson: PARI-GNUMP
  • Pierre Lezowski: doctesting
  • Enea Millio: doctesting
  • Pascal Molin : svg plotting
  • Aurel Page: alg package bug fixing in the package; work on character tables of groups
  • Bernadette Perrin-Riou: modular symbols (kb-dissect branch)
  • Marine Rougnant: doctesting test all operators, detect bugs
  • Mohammed Sedik: ?
  • Gregor Seiler: ray class fields of imaginary-quadratic fields
  • Jose Villanueva: logarithmic groups in cyclotomic extensions
  • Coline Wiatrowski: doctesting
  • Paul Zimmermann: doctesting of elliptic curves

Planning for the next PARI/GP release

Discussion of releases

There does not seem to be a need for unstable releases as a testing platform for stable releases. One option would be to make a snapshot release just before each Atelier, so that participants could download the corresponding binaries.

New features

  • ECPP (Jared Asunción)
  • LU decomposition of matrices (Peter Bruin)
  • improvements for elliptic curves over number fields (François Brunault and Bill Allombert)
  • algebraic lattices: qfauto and qfisom (tentatively, Thomas Camus)
  • numerical summation of over integers or primes (Henri Cohen)
  • work on plotting (Jeroen Demeyer)
  • character tables of permutation groups (Aurel Page)
  • compact units (Karim Belabas)
  • complete documentation of all operators (Marine Rougnant)
  • merge the existing t_REAL branches (?); remove incompatibility with polgalois (Karim Belabas)
  • primepi (Dana Jacobsen)
  • porting of Michael Stoll’s ratpoint script (Bill Allombert)
  • Falting heights over Q and nf (Pascal Molin)

External projects

  • Cython bindings for Pari (Luca De Feo and Jeroen Demeyer)
  • more regular PariDroid releases, removal of the old project from Google (Andreas Enge)