Atelier 2016

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Welcome to Atelier PARI/GP 2016


Elliptic curves over finite fields in PARI/GP

How to install CADO-NFS on your laptop?

How to install the PARI Jupyter kernel on your laptop?

New features

-circular units of abelian fields : get bases, compare versions, check wether or not this helps bnfinit (JRB);

-units of general number fields using its maximal abelian subfield : check wether or not this helps bnfinit (JRB).


  • doctesting DONE
  • new PariDroid release (Andreas) DONE
  • Looking at ECM implementation (Cyril Bouvier)
  • Speed up exponentiation in finite fields (at least extension fields of small characteristic) (JP Flori): working patch, needs to add tuning code, review the changes, add doctests PATCH SUBMITTED (DONE)
  • Unify factoring functions API of polynomials over finite fields (JP Flori)
  • Let SEA output kernel polynomials when it early aborts (JP Flori)
  • Move readline + plotting functions from GP to libPARI (Jeroen Demeyer) PATCH SUBMITTED (DONE)
  • Fix interface between GIAC/XCAS and PARI/GP (Bernard, Thomas) Usage of PARI/GP in GIAC/XCAS DONE Calling GIAC from PARI/GP working prototype
  • Orders and ideals in associative algebras (Aurel)
  • Fix problems building pari/gp with mingw64 on windows (E Driver, Steven); DONE Can compile with pthreads on Win64. Getting CPU time/number of processors works. Testing works by stripping ‘\r’ from output. Problem with the signal handler on parallel jobs identified; bug report pending.
  • pari-flint/arb interface; usable on the library level and from GP (Fredrik) DONE
  • script for working with modular forms (Henri)
  • improvements to Dedekind zeta, zetamult, polylog (Henri)
  • real solutions of two quadratic forms (Tony)
  • Euclidean minima of quaterion algebras (Pierre)
  • nfsplitting (Alexander)
  • find bugs in lfun… (Paul)
  • discuss algorithms used in Numberfields@Home (Eric, Andreas)
  • MPQS without files (Eric)
  • cyclotomic units (Jean-Robert)
  • incomplete gamma function (Paul)
  • interaction between MPHELL and PARI (Marie-Angela)

Planning for PARI/GP 2.9