Karim BELABAS on Mon, 9 Nov 1998 17:15:23 +0100 (MET)

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DOS + pari-2.0.12.alpha

[Jack Fearnley writes:]
> I am currently running 2.0.5 alpha under DOS but it is giving me a message
> 	bug in gadd please report
> Is there a more recent compiled version available?

I compiled a slightly modified 2.0.12.alpha for DOS/OS2/Windows using EMX.
[It includes Roland Dreier's patch on this list and a slightly more efficient
gphelp: the one distributed caused my PC to hang (using DOS + perl + binutils;
under Linux everything is fine of course...)]. The files are in


The archive is split in 6 parts, see the README below to decide what you need
(in addition, you may want to download galdata.tgz which is not DOS-specific,
if you're interested in Galois groups for degrees > 6).

Since this is the first time I'm distributing a DOS version, there may be some
unexpected problems. Let's see... Also, I tried to split the archive so that
you don't have to download the same things over and over again after each
update. If you can think of a more convenient scheme, I'm open to suggestions!



P.S1: I don't have OS/2 or Windows, so I could only test the binary under DOS.
I don't expect any OS/2 or Windows - specific problems, though.

P.S2: Here's the README.DOS file. Hope it's clear enough. Feel free to ask

NOTE: everything written in this file applies to DOS 3.0 or higher, OS/2 2.0
and higher, and Windows 3.1 (unless noted otherwise). It seems that GP.EXE
binary runs more or less correctly in a DOS window under Windows 95 or NT,
but this has not been extensively tested. An 80386 CPU or higher is required.

The DOS archive is divided in 6 parts: the first 4 will change each time an
update is made (xxxx stands for a version number), the last two need only be
downloaded once (if at all, see below).

* Binaries: GPBxxxx.ZIP
  + GP.EXE binary, linked with GNU readline 
  + an EXAMPLES directory, containing a sample GP scripts and a GPRC file (copy
    it to C:\_GPRC and adapt it to your needs)
  + USERSCH3.TEX chapter 3 of the user's manual (TeX format, but human readable)
  + GPHELP program (extended help, translates USERSCH3.TEX). perl needed
    to use this one (you may have to fix paths in the first lines of the scripts)

  GP.EXE is an EMX executable; it it doesn't start up, check EMX\EMXRT.DOC
  (DOS, OS/2) or RSX\README.TXT (Windows 3.1). The runtime packages themselves
  are in GPRT.ZIP.

* Documentation: GPDxxxx.ZIP
  user's manual, tutorial and reference card, in postscript format

* Documentation: GPMxxxx.ZIP
  in (hopefully human readable) TeX format

* Source code: GPSxxxx.ZIP
  the complete PARI sources, exculding documentation
* Readline: GPRL.ZIP
  source of the _modified_ readline library that was used to compile GP.EXE

* EMX/RSX runtime package: GPRT.ZIP
  files you will need if the provided binary GP.EXE doesn't work as is.

The files can be extracted using UNZIP or PKUNZIP -D (don't forget the -D)


* If you only want to play with the calculator GP.EXE, the GPBxxxx archive
is enough (the postscript documentation in GPDxxxx may be handy).

For Windows 3.1: get also GPRT.ZIP and install RSX.EXE and CSX.EXE
somewhere in your path. Not thoroughly tested (looks ok, though).

For OS/2: untested (you may need EMX.DLL in GPRT.ZIP).

For DOS: get GPRT.ZIP and install EMX.EXE somewhere in your path.  If you have
enough RAM (~ 2MB), you can run GP.EXE as is, but some functionalities (e.g
extended help, external commands) will only be available if you use the command
line EMX -P GP.EXE [put that in a GP.BAT file, or (preferably) fetch a decent
shell (e.g. bash) and use an alias].

* To build the PARI library for your own C programs, you only need GPSxxxx.
You will also need the _complete_ EMX package (not the one we provide) and a
make utility (see EMX\README.DOC, dmake is ok, and so is GNU make)

In addition, if you want to compile GP.EXE yourself (say, a debugging version),
you will need the GPRL archive (extract it in the same directory as GPSxxxx).

* To build GP.EXE
  cd readline
  cd ..\dos
  dmake     (if you don't have dmake, remove the .IF constructs in Makefile.
             Otherwise, type "dmake DBG=1" for a debugging version)

* To run the bench: src/test/dotest (decent shell and basic Unix tools needed:
the djgpp ports of bash and GNU binutils work nicely, Ian Stewartson's tools
are also ok).
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