Karim BELABAS on Fri, 13 Nov 1998 01:49:22 +0100 (MET)

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Re: DOS + pari-2.0.12.alpha

[I wrote:]
> > P.S2: Btw, Ilya, did you already used EMX on OS/2? If so, are the runtime
> > files needed (EMX.DLL ?) or is the emx-bound binary sufficient ?
[Ilya answered:]
> If you bind emx.exe/rsx.exe to the executable, then on DOS no runtime
> will be needed (I had never done it, so do not know details, look in
> emxbind docs).  On OS/2 the EMX.DLL is needed unless you use -Zsys
> -Zomf (-Zsys disables several of system calls, do not remember which,
> and -Zomf disables loading under DOS, so you probably not interested).

I used -Zsysv-signals, and emx.exe _is_ needed for DOS. Otherwise, whenever
you need to spawn a DOS shell, you're in trouble. For instance "system()"
doesn't work (needed e.g. for extended help). It only works if I invoke the
binary as emx -p gp.exe (as the EMX docs say I should). [It then runs
perfectly except for the limited number of file handles which breaks most non
trivial sh scripts and the occasional system hang-up, but that's normal
behaviour for DOS]

On the other hand, all the mathematical functions (and readline) work
smoothly with the standalone gp.exe provided (at least on my machine...).
Except that gp.exe doesn't work with my version of sh ("cannot load OS/2
program, binary corrupt"), I have to use emx.exe or kill the shell and run
gp.exe from the DOS prompt...

  Karim, who did not experiment that much.

P.S: Also binding emx.exe seems to work on Windows 95 and NT (couldn't test
for too long). rsx.exe doesn't seem to be needed at all.

P.S2: If somebody if proficient with OS/2 or Windows DLL loading, it
shouldn't be too hard to port the install() functions to those systems (I
don't know the equivalent of dlopen()/ dlsym() system calls though I'm sure
they exist). This would remove the last "trivial" difference with the Unix
version (the last non-trivial one being graphics...).
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