Karim Belabas on Wed, 28 Jan 1998 05:19:48 +0100

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pari-2.0.4 update

Hi all,

  this week-end, about one hour before releasing the beta, I received a huge
patch by Bruno Haible which:

1) solved the long standing install() problem on statically linked gp.

2) improved neatly the micro-kernel he had written for the ix86 architectures 
   (more than 10% general speed-up), and in general improved the
   multiprecision package.

As well, since the last update, any portability problems were adressed by
various people (alpha running Linux, m680x0 architecture, IBM/POWER running
AIX), which caused havoc in the Configure code for a while. (By the way,
please have a look at the new file MACHINES in the distribution root, and drop
me a short note in case your configuration is not listed.)

Things have settled down now, but I'm delaying the beta just in case. One
more update (2.0.4.alpha) can be found at


Many thanks to Gerhard for trouble-shooting some snapshot pre-releases.




Done for version 2.0.4.alpha (released 28/01/98):

  1- recovery on startup was not correctly disabled.
  2- pari.el (see emacs/pari.el-changes. thx again Gerhard!).
  3- "" missing around a DLLD caused Configure to fail if shared library not
  4- component of GEN could be created before its root in gadd(t_SER, t_SER)
  5- nffactormod did not like big primes
  6- removed the `.' binary concat operator introduced in last update.
     (broke semantics...). Str() argument is evaluated in string context, to
     replace it.
  7- solve did not find some obvious zeroes (solve(x=-2,1,x) for instance)
  8- Configure -pg did not work
  9+ 68k version didn't work: corrected mp.s, moved some code & defines.
 10- subst(x,variable(x),1) did not work.
 11- flag acted contrary to doc in matsolvemod
 12- in rare cases the prompt could still start at column > 1
 13- bnfissunit much faster now
 14- idealval could make mistakes with non-integers.
 15- Mat([1])[1,] gave a stack error
 16- zetakinit(x-1) as well
 17- zetakinit(K, even integer) gave a wrong result whenever r1(K)>0.
 18- typo in whatnow(hermite) and ?bnfsunit
 19- missing newline in user error after print1
 20- various typos and omissions in chapters 1, 2 and 5 of manual.
 21- (x-x)==(y-y) returned FALSE
 22- polfactormod(f,0) gave a SIGFPE.
 23- some missing #ifdef UNIX
 24- install() now works for gp-sta under Linux and OSF (Bruno Haible)
 25- gcc Warnings in gp.c + es.c (BH)
 26- problems when installing from a different non-priviledged account (BH)
 27- inefficiencies in mpinline.h (replace memory access by a constant) (BH)

  1- when logging mode is on, record command line as well as result, and
     flush buffer often
  2- subdirectory lib now called misc. Changed some filenames in it.
  3- defaults psfile and logfile are now run through strftime
  4- for benches total time now taken into account ([BUG] was excluded)
  5- noerr is now the LAST error message (for CLISP interface)
  6- cleaned path expansion (default(path,...))
  7- renamed types.h and cast.h (prefixed by "pari").
  8- renamed type Rect to PariRect.
  9- kernel/kerPPC.s replaced by kernel/kerPPC.c (Dominique Bernardi)
 10- made static the arrays in check_isin() (for the Mac port)
 11- overflow/hiremainder use local variables as much as possible (BH)
 12- prompt not printed during a batch job, unless echo is set

  1- gplogfilter script in misc
  2- check for strftime in Configure
  3- support for alpha running linux (include portability fix on keralpha.s)
  4- file MACHINES
  5- made message for "array index out of range" error more precise.
  6- more frequent garbage collecting in mathnf
  7- inline asm for i386 (BH)
  8- support for native compiler on AIX (Gerhard Niklasch)

  1- support for dynamic linking on AIX (did not work)
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