Ilya Zakharevich on Wed, 28 Jan 1998 05:29:45 +0100

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Math::Pari 0.93 released (Perl module based on 1.37.4+)

Version 0.93 of Math::Pari module is released.  What follows is README
file of the distribution.



Package Math::Pari is a Perl interface to famous library PARI for
numerical/scientific/number-theoretic calculations.  It allows use of
most PARI functions (>500) as Perl functions, and (almost) seamless merging
of PARI and Perl data. 

Documentation to this package is contained inside After
installing it is accessible by standard means, like

  perldoc Math::Pari
  man Math::Pari

and possibly in other forms particular for your system.

A copy of documentation of the PARI library in POD format is provided as 
well, access it as Math::libPARI:

  perldoc Math::libPARI
  man Math::libPARI

If you have a not very old perl (5.003 should do), then uncompress the
archive into a separate directory, find the architecture of your
processor (if it is not known/supported, and recognized automatically, the
slower 'port' code should be used), and do

	perl Makefile.PL 
	perl Makefile.PL machine=hppa

(recognized "processors" are sun3 sparcv7 sparcv8micro sparcv8super
alpha hppa i386 port, the versions starting from 0.92 should autorecognize
them in most situations), then

	make test

(expect several failures from will_fail.t, but Pari.t and Testout.t
should pass). Now

	make install

should make this extension available to the perl programs.

(You can get a better understanding of the translations made by Testout.t by
running it manually:

	perl t/Testout.t

after install, or

	perl -Mblib t/Testout.t

before install.)

The version 0.93 was tested with OS/2 and Solaris.  It uses version 1.37.4+
of the PARI library.