Karim Belabas on Wed, 14 Jan 1998 00:34:47 +0100

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pari-2.0.3 update

Hi all,

  there's a new update (2.0.3.alpha) at


  Very few bugs have been reported this time, and all packages and docs
should be up to date. So, unless something unexpected shows up, the next
update will be a beta. In the meantime, many trivial things were changed,
that's why we have another update. But nothing more needs to be added now
(only a quick Macintosh port which should not break anything).

 * PARI in emacs mode has been heavily changed (thx a bundle for the help
Gerhard!). Most conspicuously there are colors now: the *PARI* buffer itself
and all gp scripts you will edit (provided they end up by the suffix .gp)
will get some (supposedly) nice highlighting. Everything is configurable, and
much more flexible than the "colors" default. If you use GP under Emacs,
please read emacs/pariemacs.txt

 * non interactive input commands (read, extern) do not clutter GP history
anymore (only the final result is returned).




Done for version 2.0.3.alpha (released 13/01/98):

  1- rare bug in gadd (PADIC + PADIC) which caused one of the arguments
     to be overwritten.
  2- typos in refcard.
  3- galois.c still couldn't compile on the HP (_INCLUDE_POSIX_SOURCE misplaced)
  4- introduced in 2.0.2: item 14 used gexpo incorrectly (bnfinit sometimes 
     did not give units it could have computed).
  5- replaced INFINITY by pariINFINITY in rootpol.c (cancels a Warning on OS/2)
  6- on OS/2, target ../gp-$dft in o.xxx/Makefile could not be built 
     (extraneous $exe_suff)
  7- command line switches so that one can enter them with or without white
     space (new function read_arg in gp.c)
  8- setdcolors so that it can't unset disable_colors if we are under emacs.
 11- random did not check its argument correctly (random(2^32) was accepted)
 12- b=10; for(a=1,b, b=2) exited immediately, whereas the upper bound is
     supposed to be evaluated only once.
 13- reorganized the error recovery system (initially because errpile could
     cause SEGV on Linux systems)
 14- typographical problems in doc and refcard (interletter spacing in $nfz$...)

  1- Reorganized Makefile.SH: extraction twice as fast.
  2- pari.menu and pariemacs.txt rewritten, pari.el updated.
  3- expanded the man gp.1 to mention command line switches
  4- the implied input from non-interactive input command (like extern and
     read) does not go into the GP history (%x) anymore (it never went into
     readline's). The final output (value of last expression evaluated) of
     course still does!
  5- updated chapter 5 of the User's Manual (removed obsolete information).

  1- better settings for handling the Meta key under readline in
  2- support for shared libraries under FreeBSD (initial patch: Y. Uchikawa)
  3- colors under Emacs (thx for the help Gerhard!)
     1) emulate exactly the "colors" default after a M-x gp
     2) .gp files edited get a special highlighting.
  4- a flag to default() to get the result under GP.
  5- overloaded the "." (member) operator to concatenate as strings if LHS is
     a string.
  6- .gprc accepts some limited preprocessing directive (#if READL and
     #if EMACS (and #ifnot as well)). Updated lib/gprc.default to reflect the

  1- some unused, undocumented functions (allocatemem(), checksqid())
     made static some other (op_ReIm).
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