Karim Belabas on Fri, 21 Nov 1997 05:39:36 +0100

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Re: Math::Pari 0.91 released

> Ilya Zakharevich wrote:
>> Karim Belabas writes:
> > (a technical question by the way, since I don't have the time to check it
> > myself now: do you still rely on the 'x' code in identifier and the foreign*
> > autoloading mechanism ?
> Sure.  Though I found a big deficiency: the actual number of args is not
> reported to the foreigh function.  If somebody else uses 'x' [...]

I don't think anybody else uses it. PariPython does not, neither does CLISP,
and neither do we. So feel free to send a patch. Could you post an example of
foreignHandler so that I see how you use it precisely ? (and maybe we could
document the whole mechanism after all this time...).

> > Do you use the MallocProcs structure ?)
> I would if I did, right?  ;-)  So probably no.

Since nobody seems to use it, and nobody knew who put it there, I assumed it
was you... I'm removing it then.

> > >     b) A bug in Gnuplot output corrected (why Gnuplot capability is
> > >        not mentioned in the announcement, or Henri's message to me
> > >        that it was included is no more correct?);
> > 
> >   Your Gnuplot support was not included for the alpha release (an official
> > release was really long overdue and nobody tested Gnuplot seriously so far,
> > sorry ...). Hopefully for the beta (it WILL get included at some point...).
> Hmm, I think I saw plotgnuplot.c there...  Probably you mean "not
> supported by a Configure script"?

If you wish (although the Configure checks for a libgnuplo.a which of course
it never finds...). I had a casual look at this plotgnuplot.c long ago (had
many many other pressing things to do at the time...), and it seemed to me it
needed to be linked with some other library hacked from the GNU package,
right ? And this is definitely not included yet. If I can figure out how it
works, I'll try to include it in one of the next alpha updates.

> > >     d) Additional graphical functions documented;
> > 
> > Such as ?
> >From "Changes" of pari-small.zip (which was reported to be merged with
> the distribution):
> [...]

Everything in there has indeed been (expanded then) included (and is now
documented in the user's manual).


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