Karim Belabas on Wed, 19 Nov 1997 16:45:37 +0100

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Re: Math::Pari 0.91 released

Hi Ilya,

   first a stupid question: is your perl PARI package compatible with the
2.0.alpha we just released ? I'm not sure to what extent Math::Pari depends
on the GP syntax (presumably very little) but, following your initial
modifications of the analyzer, we changed many things there. Could you check
that we did not break anything ?

(a technical question by the way, since I don't have the time to check it
myself now: do you still rely on the 'x' code in identifier and the foreign*
autoloading mechanism ? Do you use the MallocProcs structure ?)

> Ilya Zakharevich <ilya@math.ohio-state.edu> wrote:
> Math::Pari is a module which make PARI 1.39.4+ builtin into Perl.

> [...]
> The goodies which may be useful for non-Perl context too:
>     a) Minor changes gphelp (but one can use chap3);

  A help script (also called gphelp...) is now provided with the standard
PARI distribution. I wrote it after seeing yours a long time ago. Could you
quickly compare them and check whether your scripts now include something
useful that ours would be missing ?

>     b) A bug in Gnuplot output corrected (why Gnuplot capability is
>        not mentioned in the announcement, or Henri's message to me
>        that it was included is no more correct?);

  Your Gnuplot support was not included for the alpha release (an official
release was really long overdue and nobody tested Gnuplot seriously so far,
sorry ...). Hopefully for the beta (it WILL get included at some point...).

>     d) Additional graphical functions documented;

Such as ?


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