Ilya Zakharevich on Fri, 21 Nov 1997 03:55:19 +0100

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Re: Math::Pari 0.91 released

Karim Belabas writes:
>    first a stupid question: is your perl PARI package compatible with the
> 2.0.alpha we just released ? 

Stupid answer: I have no idea.  ;-)

> (a technical question by the way, since I don't have the time to check it
> myself now: do you still rely on the 'x' code in identifier and the foreign*
> autoloading mechanism ?

Sure.  Though I found a big deficiency: the actual number of args is not
reported to the foreigh function.  If somebody else uses 'x', then 'X'
which reports the number of actual arguments would be great, otherwise
changing 'x' should be OK.

> Do you use the MallocProcs structure ?)

I would if I did, right?  ;-)  So probably no.

> >     b) A bug in Gnuplot output corrected (why Gnuplot capability is
> >        not mentioned in the announcement, or Henri's message to me
> >        that it was included is no more correct?);
>   Your Gnuplot support was not included for the alpha release (an official
> release was really long overdue and nobody tested Gnuplot seriously so far,
> sorry ...). Hopefully for the beta (it WILL get included at some point...).

Hmm, I think I saw plotgnuplot.c there...  Probably you mean "not
supported by a Configure script"?

> >     d) Additional graphical functions documented;
> Such as ?

>From "Changes" of (which was reported to be merged with
the distribution):

36) ploth2 takes array of even length, making multiple plots possible.
42) Additional function added: plothrawlines: the same as plothraw,
but connects points by lines.
45) Two new functions added: rectpointtype and rectlinetype to change
style of drawing in a rectangele. Lines -2 are for frames, -1 for
axes, >=0 for the rest. Point -1 is a point, >0 is something else.
Currently supported under gnuplot only.
49) new functions rpoints, rlines, rpointtype, rlinetype,
rploth, rplothraw, rcopy added to interpreter.
52) addhelp added.