Ilya Zakharevich on Wed, 19 Nov 1997 04:42:57 +0100

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Math::Pari 0.91 released

(Oups, I discovered that I forget to release the latest version 0.91
:-(.  It should auto-propagate to CPAN in a couple of days, should sit
in several minutes.)

Math::Pari is a module which make PARI 1.39.4+ builtin into Perl.  The
version 0.91 is available from CPAN.  Those who do not know about
Comprehensive Perl Archive Network may start from

Otherwise, one can give your Perl (version 5.004 or more) command

	perl -MCPAN -e shell

then type 

     reload index

(if you have an older index)

     test Math::Pari


     install Math::Pari

may install it for you, maybe not, since there is a test in the test
suite which demonstrates bugs).

You may want to 

    install Term::Gnuplot 

first to enable graphic capability in the tests.

The goodies which may be useful for non-Perl context too:

    a) Minor changes gphelp (but one can use chap3);
    b) A bug in Gnuplot output corrected (why Gnuplot capability is
       not mentioned in the announcement, or Henry's message to me
       that it was included is no more correct?);
    c) Script to convert the documentation to POD (thus to manpages,
       html gnuinfo pdf ...);
    d) Additional graphical functions documented;
    e) log2 and exp2 eliminated whatsoever, pseudo-assembler
       substitutions added for i*86;


The patches (stripped from the distribution) are available on

Note also that one can use the POD documentation instead of gphelp:

    pod2man --lax a.pod  | nroff -man |
    perl -p00e "s/\s*$/\n/;if (/^\S/) {$_=''} else {print qq'\n' if $next++}"|
    less -s -+C

(using DOSISH syntax, otherwise exchange "" and '').  This assumes
that a.pod is emitted by chap3_to_pod in the 'keyword-search' regime
(not implemented yet, should marry chap3_to_pod and gphelp).