Joerg Arndt on Thu, 08 Aug 2013 20:01:32 +0200

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Re: 4th "Atelier PARI/GP" (january 2014)

* John Jones <> [Aug 08. 2013 19:50]:
> Here are some thoughts on areas to improve pari/gp.
>    - allow implicit multiplication in the gp parser (i.e., accept 3x^2+5x-3)

Please NO!   Let's not join the club of Mathematica sloppiness.

>    - Galois groups of higher degree polynomials (I see it is already a wish
>    list item in the bug tracker, so this is another vote)
>    - computation of resolvents ala magma (give a polynomial, compute its
>    Galois group, then specify the subgroup, or specify a degree to get
>    resolvents for all subgroups with the given index)
>    - Impliment
> for
>    bnfcertify
> John
> [...]

And I chime in with

- call by reference

- vectors/matrices with selectable range(s) of indices

- deprecating certain function (log, sqrt) from working
  element-wise with matrices (bad, bad, bad!).

Best,  jj