John Jones on Thu, 08 Aug 2013 17:48:50 +0200

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Re: 4th "Atelier PARI/GP" (january 2014)

Here are some thoughts on areas to improve pari/gp.

  • allow implicit multiplication in the gp parser (i.e., accept 3x^2+5x-3)
  • Galois groups of higher degree polynomials (I see it is already a wish list item in the bug tracker, so this is another vote)
  • computation of resolvents ala magma (give a polynomial, compute its Galois group, then specify the subgroup, or specify a degree to get resolvents for all subgroups with the given index)
  • Impliment for bnfcertify

On Fri, Jul 26, 2013 at 10:16 AM, Karim Belabas <> wrote:
[ Apologies for multiple postings  -- K.B. ]

====== WORKSHOP: 4th Atelier PARI/GP in Besancon ==(First announcement)======

Dear colleagues,

we would like to announce a week-long workshop on the computer algebra system
"PARI/GP", from 6th to 10th January 2014, at Besancon University (France).

  Bill Allombert      <>
  Karim Belabas       <>
  Christophe Delaunay <>

This workshop is organized to discuss the current and future development
of the PARI/GP system. Anyone interested in helping out is welcome !

The workshop will include

(1) Short Status reports on the current development projects.

(2) Tutorial sessions.

(3) Brainstorming sessions, to spell out and discuss ideas about the system
development: new features, new algorithms, improving old implementations,
bug fixes, extensions to GP syntax, documentation overhaul ...

(4) Coding sessions: inspired by (3), but bring also your own problems !

Please share your ideas for Discussion topics (3) or Coding sessions (4)
with the development mailing list <>.
Feel free to suggest subjects for the Tutorial sessions (2).

To register, please contact <>.
Please mention in your email if you need financial help to attend.

Website: (under construction)

The Atelier is part of the Trimester "Methodes Arithmetiques et Applications"

Karim Belabas, IMB (UMR 5251)  Tel: (+33) (0)5 40 00 26 17
Universite Bordeaux 1          Fax: (+33) (0)5 40 00 69 50
351, cours de la Liberation
Talence (France)  [PARI/GP]