Bernard Parisse on Thu, 21 Sep 2006 17:19:31 +0200

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Re: PARI_stack_limit

> For example what if the user run 
> gp_read_str("p=2;while(p%13!=1,p=nextprime(p+1);p")
> and
> gp_read_str("p=2;while(p%17!=1,p=nextprime(p+1);p")
> at the same time, the result will be random.
> How are you planning to deal with similar problems in giac ?
> What would you advise us to do ?

The idea is that all global variables will be stored in a 
"context", passed to each C++ function requiring them. The user
does not have to put the context in a user function call, this
is done automatically, but the user interface will show
a clear separation between commandlines attached to different
contexts, for example a session could
be attached to a context. In a given context, a user will not be
allowed to run two commands at the same time. He will have to clone the
context or run the second command in a session attached to another context.