Bernard Parisse on Thu, 14 Sep 2006 20:32:33 +0200

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Re: PARI_stack_limit


> First a question:
> Are you running pari_init outside the thread and flisexpr in the thread
> ? This is not really supported, though it would be nice if it worked.

Yes, pari_init is run once during static initialization, and flisexpr
is run each time the user run a pari command inside Xcas, and
each command is run in a separate thread.
> How can we improve PARI there ? We could:
> 1) Allow user to disable PARI_stack_limit check
> 2) Allow user to reset the stack limit for the new thread.
> 3) Simply move PARI_stack_limit to paripub.h
> Something else ?

3) would suffice for Xcas. I have no idea how you could implement
something really thread-safe if you don't pass some context information
and that would probably require (too) many changes.

> A note about src/language/anal.h: it seems to me it would make sense for
> 2.4 to install all libpari header files, since we install paripriv.h 
> anyway.

Agreed. I could remove the required pari declarations in giac source code.

BTW, the latest version of Giac/Xcas has just been released with
PARI command call enabled, I did however not test extensively (there
are around 500 pari commands if I'm not mistaken...), if some
people are interested I'd be glad to have feedback.