Karim BELABAS on Sat, 19 Apr 2003 12:07:42 +0200 (MEST)

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Re: GP2C

On Thu, 17 Apr 2003, Justin Walker wrote:
> I noticed that 2.2.5->2.2.6 seemed to take away building the shared
> library on Mac OS X.  Is that easy to repair?

Err... should be. The difference is that now many more consistency checks and
"necessary" flags have been included [ they were not needed in the vast
majority of cases, but it made a difference on a number of configuration ].

Some of them probably upset the Darwin build.

>> Probably something like 'ld -bundle' (?). Hopefully something generic
>> like
>> 'gcc -shared' would work equally well. Can you just try to Configure
>> pari
>> with
>>   env DLLD=/usr/bin/gcc Configure
>> before reconfiguring gp2c ? [ actually, does 'make bench' succeed in
>> building
>> gp-dyn after this change ? ]
> I did the above in both the pari and gp2c directories, and the build
> worked in both cases, but for 'gp2c', the "make check" failed (as
> before: '-o' was attempted as a command).  It appears that the
> PARI_MODULE_BUILD macro is the culprit, FWIW.
> Also, there is no gp-dyn after 'make bench' in 'pari'.

If gp-dyn doesn't succed, gp2c doesn't stand a chance to dynamically load
modules. On the other hand it should still be able to compile scripts to C !

>> If it does work, then a trivial fix to config/get_dlld might do [ just
>> have
>> to add darwin to the list of supported systems, lines 12-24 ]
> For 'pari', I added two darwin entries:
> in the '$osname-$arch' case statement:
>    darwin-*)soname=dyld ; sodest= ;DLSUFFIX=dylib ;;
> in the '$osname' case statement:
>        darwin)  DLLD=/usr/bin/gcc ;;

The latter is not needed once the former is done (do_dll is yes, and DLLD
is set above to CC since CC = gcc)

Can you update from cvs,
1) Configure pari >& config.log
2) cd Odarwin-*
3) make gp-dyn >& build.log
and send me the resulting logs and dft.Config.in? I'll try to reverse
engineer the situation.

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