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Re: GP2C

On Thursday, Apr 17, 2003, at 23:28 US/Pacific, Justin Walker wrote:

On Wednesday, Apr 16, 2003, at 03:27 US/Pacific, Karim BELABAS wrote:


The real problem is that, although install() now works on OS X [ I think and hope... ] as far as loading symbols from gp's global context goes, we still have not tried it with external "bundles", nor built into Configure the
necessary magic to build a dynamically loadable object.

I noticed that 2.2.5->2.2.6 seemed to take away building the shared library on Mac OS X. Is that easy to repair?
If it does work, then a trivial fix to config/get_dlld might do [ just have
to add darwin to the list of supported systems, lines 12-24 ]

For 'pari', I added two darwin entries:
in the '$osname-$arch' case statement:
  darwin-*)soname=dyld ; sodest= ;DLSUFFIX=dylib ;;
in the '$osname' case statement:
      darwin)  DLLD=/usr/bin/gcc ;;
Something else is needed, though. Not sure what, yet. At least, when I cobbled together a libtool line, I got a .dylib. Not sure yet whether it works, though.

A nit: you (I) need libtool1.4.3 on Mac OS X to successfully build a shared library (at least, that was the experience of the LiDIA folk).



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