Nils-Peter Skoruppa on Mon, 16 Oct 2000 17:18:12 +0200

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Re: Boo-boos in doc

Dear Karim,

thanks for your suggestions concerning gphtml.
I shall try to modify the script
accordingly (see below) and poste the improved versions
on my web page.

Concerning   gphelp -raw "%" I also obtain a correct output
if I am on a system with version 20.0.19

However, I just tried it again with version 20.0.20
(the one from parigp-home, which I sucked a week ago,
 not the lates from the CVS repository though !!!).
Here my output (one whole line missing, starting at \%):

nils@frigga:~ > gphelp -raw "%"
@[startbold]%@[endbold]:  The expression @[dollar]x@[dollar]
Euclidean remainder of @[dollar]x@[dollar] and @[dollar]y@[dollar]. The
@[dollar]y@[dollar] must be of type is OK

In usersch3.tex I find
\subseckbd{\%}: The expression $x$ \kbd{\%} $y$ is the
% keep "Euclidean" and "remainder" on same line for gphelp
\idx{Euclidean remainder} of $x$ and $y$. The modulus $y$ must be of

and the gphelp of that distribution and which I am using is
# $Id:,v 1.11 2000/05/30 14:34:26 karim Exp $



Karim BELABAS wrote:

> \subsecidx{max}$(x,y)$ and \teb{min}$(x,y)$: creates the
> maximum and minimum of $x$ and $y$ when they can be compared.
> (gphelp finds it using the 'translation' file)

I shall eventually try to implement this.

> 1) you should use 'gp -f' instead of 'gp'.

OK. Thanks!

> 2) it would be more flexible to use $gp and $gphelp internally instead of
> gp / gphelp directly.


> And also to accept a prefix to a ditribution root
> directory: it's easier to refer to a whole distribution tree (where
> everything has standard name and places: $TOP/gp, $TOP/doc/gphelp,
> $TOP/src/language/init.c) than to set INIT_C, USERSCH3_TEX ...

Well, if you have a distr. tree somewhere around. Usually, I throw
it into the bit bucket after compilation and installation :-)
I shall implement a compromise.