Xavier Roblot on Wed, 18 Oct 2000 10:16:00 +0100

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bug: (1+O(x^2))/x -> ** not enough memory


with pari-2.0.20 (beta)

? (1+O(x^2))/x 
%1 = x^-1 + O(x)

with the CVS version

? (1+O(x^2))/x 
  ***   not enough memory

Looks like it's a 64bits only bug. Bug starts with line 1876 of gen1.c.
At this point, PARI thinks lgef(x) is 2147483648, so the next command 

 y = (GEN) gpmalloc(l*sizeof(long));

line 330 of gen2.c (with l being lgef(x)) exhaust all the available