Mark Chimley on Wed, 20 Jan 1999 10:11:33 +0000

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C library on a PC

I have retrieved a copy of PARI-GP and installed it on my PC running
Windows95. I use rsx to run GP in a DOS window. I am now trying to use
the PARI C libraries, but without success. I am using Borland C++ v3.00
in a DOS window. If I include \pari\dos and \pari\headers in the
directory listing, the compiler fails to find unistd.h and pariinl.h. If
I include \pari\win32 instead of \pari\dos, the compiler uses unistd.h
OK, but still cannot find pariinl.h. A directory search of \pari shows
that it is not present in any subdirectory.

I'm afraid the users manual (Appendix A) is not much help, as it seems
to be geared towards installation on a unix system.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Mark Chimley