Paul van Wamelen on Mon, 16 Nov 98 12:03:07 -0600

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Re: emacs echo

Dear Pari users,

>> I'm using gp under emacs, but there is a very annoying problem (that I
>> did not have with versions before 2.0): everything sent to gp gets
>> echoed (by emacs not gp), see below. Is there an easy fix?
>I can't reproduce your problem (on Linux, Solaris, SunOS, don't have access to
>   1) make sure you use the pari.el provided in 2.0.11 distribution (in the
>   emacs subdirectory) and not an old one dating back from 1.39.03 (load it
>   explicitly just in case).

>   2) does the problem occur if you load an old pari.el instead ?
>   (from before 2.0)

>   3) does the problem occur if you run an old gp binary with the new pari.el
A bit hard to check... (e.g. old pari did not take -emacs etc.) but I assume
not, because that version (here at least) did not have readline (see below).

>   4) make sure this is not pari's fault (e.g C-u M-x gp then use gp -f to
>   avoid loading a rogue gprc file).
Nobody else here even knows about gprc files and I don't use them. Also see
below about turning echo on.

>   5) which version of emacs are you using ?
GNU Emacs 19.30.1 (sparc-next-nextstep3)

>  Karim.

a) Following Olivier Ramare's suggestion I checked whether the same echo
occurs if readline is disabled and it does not.
b) Turning echo on in gp makes me see a double echo.
c) Using the old pari.el with the new gp (and readline enabled) still gives
the echo.
All of this seems to indicate that readline and not pari or emacs is
responsible. I have not been able to figure out what version of
readline I have installed, but it is probably not the very latest.

I have been able to hack pari.el to get rid of the echo. I still have
a problem with the echo when TAB is used to complete an expression
using readline, but I'm pretty sure I can fix that too (as soon as I
have some time).

I'm still wondering if I'm the only one seeing this echo or whether it
occurs on all NeXTStep operating systems with readline. Anyone else using
NeXTStep, readline and gp under emacs? Do you have an echo or not?

Paul van Wamelen