Karim BELABAS on Mon, 16 Nov 1998 17:04:59 +0100 (MET)

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Re: emacs echo

I missed this message some time ago:
[Paul van Wamelen:]
> I'm using gp under emacs, but there is a very annoying problem (that I
> did not have with versions before 2.0): everything sent to gp gets
> echoed (by emacs not gp), see below. Is there an easy fix?
>                     GP/PARI CALCULATOR Version 2.0.11 (beta)
>                     unknown running nextstep 32-bit version
>                   (readline enabled, extended help available)

I can't reproduce your problem (on Linux, Solaris, SunOS, don't have access to

   1) make sure you use the pari.el provided in 2.0.11 distribution (in the
   emacs subdirectory) and not an old one dating back from 1.39.03 (load it
   explicitly just in case).
   2) does the problem occur if you load an old pari.el instead ?
   (from before 2.0)

   3) does the problem occur if you run an old gp binary with the new pari.el

   4) make sure this is not pari's fault (e.g C-u M-x gp then use gp -f to
   avoid loading a rogue gprc file).

   5) which version of emacs are you using ?

P.S: [There was an answer by Olivier Ramare:]
> I use GP 2.0.5 under emacs BUT with readline disabled (couldn't understand
> how to make it work).

What couldn't you understand ?
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