Gerhard Niklasch on Sun, 14 Dec 1997 22:41:04 +0100

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Mailing list archive

It seems the PARI Joint Mailing Lists WWW Archive is now working correctly.
(After my fixing the last dozen or so stupid mistakes, the 1100-line Perl
script has at last successfully created the month of December and the
navigation links from November to December and back).

The archive resides at
and as of this minute contains all messages that have reached me through
{pari-announce,pari-users,pari-dev} since the reorganization
of the lists in early November.  I will endeavour to keep it that way.

(It is not fully automated yet;  I'm feeding the messages to the script

Messages appear in most-recent-first order.

Please do report any problems and especially any inconsistencies or
broken links you might notice  (no, German and French versions of
trilingual pages have still not been installed)  to me at my  address.

Reminder:  If for whatever reasons you want to send something through
one of the lists but do not want it to be archived, put `X-No-Archive: Yes'
in the headers or anywhere in the body.  (The script is not pedantic about
capitalization, and will even recognize `archive: no' as an equivalent form,
anywhere in headers or body, so long as it appears at the beginning of a

Corollary 1:  If you have no reason not to want your posting archived,
then you should not include such a line anywhere in your message.

Corollary 2:  If you quote somebody else's No-Archive line, by putting
'> ' in front of it, it will become ineffective.

Warning:  At some as-yet-unspecified time in the foreseeable future, the
Hasse web server will be taken offline for a hardware upgrade.  This is
an `It will only take half an hour' job, so in view of Murphy's Law, I
reckon there's a 60% chance of the site coming back online on the same

Enjoy, Gerhard