Karim Belabas on Tue, 2 Dec 1997 23:41:57 +0100

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Re: Opinion poll.

Gerhard Niklasch writes:
> >   Currently, this is a synonym for conjugation (x_ := conj(x), so
> > that I_ = -I, quadgen(8) = -w, etc). It was not documented before 
> > version 2.0 ...
> I can't verify this easily from here at home, but I think it _was_
> in the old manual, possibly in some obscure corner.

Ooops. Right it was: in chapter 2 as some "operator not printed by \c", and
right next to the conj() function in chapter 3 (I knew I should have read
this manual before rewriting it).

> My own experience with this one has been mixed.  I don't think I've
> ever used it for its stated purpose.  There have been many occasions
> OTOH where I was glad that it was a no-op when applied to a free
> variable or positive integer. 

  Presumably due to my poor standard of English / sense of humour / both, I'm
experiencing trouble making sense out of this. Basically, you're happy to
have a key that, when pressed inadvertently, sometimes happen not to have any
adverse effect whatsoever, right? (got a solution for you then: insert the


in your .inputrc (enclosed within $if Pari-GP / $endif if you still
want it in bash...))

> (Btw is this a bug in 2.0.alpha, or in an underlying library routine?
> It was 02:44 many hours ago.  Is the hour:minutes thing only updated
> when (a) there has been recent interaction _and_ (b) the minute hand
> has moved since?)

The clock gets updated whenever the prompt is, which means just before it
is printed again (hence, case a).

Cheers, Karim.

P.S: Already 4 answers...
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