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Re: At what Pari version did these happen?

* Dirk Laurie [2017-05-01 08:23]:
> 2017-05-01 8:13 GMT+02:00 Dirk Laurie <dirk.laurie@gmail.com>:
> > 3. Are there any changes between 2008 and now that will make old
> > code that compiles without error behave differently?

Lots. We try hard to make all changes in backward compatible ways, but
sometimes we see no way out.

We usually deprecate a feature long before it's actually removed;
unfortunately the deprecation is often just a note in a function
documentation, and there's no centralized list for these; I will start one.

> I have discovered one: if fct is a function, then 'fct' by itself is no
> longer equivalent to 'fct(0)'.
> Maybe I should rather ask: are there lists of GP language changes
> from one release to the next?

The file 'COMPAT' in the distribution. For each release, it contains
first the list of incompatible changes that affect both GP and the PARI
library, the list of changes that are specific to the PARI library.

Hopefully, every change comes with a terse description of why this was
done and how to adapt.



P.S. - || was obsoleted in 1997 and finally removed in 2.6 (2013),
     - 'my' became available in 2.4 (2006)
     - fct != fct(0) in 2.4 (2006)
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