Bill Allombert on Tue, 15 Sep 2015 16:01:28 +0200

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PARI package GALPOL 3.0 released

Dear PARI users,

Igor Schein and me have just released GALPOL v3.0, a database of polynomials
defining Galois extensions of the rationals representing all abstract groups of
order up to 129, for all possible signatures, (7087 polynomials) see

For reference galpol 2.0 included 2429 polynomials for all groups of order up
to 127.

This database is available as a PARI package "galpol" from

Once installed, it can be accessed under GP using galoisgetpol.

? P=galoisgetpol(8,3,1);
? G=galoisinit(P[1],P[2]);
? galoisidentify(G)
%6 = [8,3]
? polsturm(P[1])
%7 = 8

Note that some polynomials are different between galpol v2.0 and galpol v3.0.