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Re: Unable to run script

Hi, thanks for the feedback. Changes to the Keygen portion made.
Do highlight any other comments would be greatly appreciated.
Apologies if I had reply in a wrong way, not much experience in using a mailing list.


On Sat, Aug 20, 2011 at 11:06 PM, Karim Belabas <> wrote:
* blade server [2011-08-20 11:33]:
> Hi,
> Had a script that can't be run.
> Keep prompting syntax error, unexpected ')', expecting KPARROW or ',': ....
> Try to google for more inform on KPARROW but was not able to find things
> related to it.
> Thus would like to seek some advice on this list.

The first


in Keygen() is missing a closing ')' somewhere.

A few random remarks

1) you should indent your scripts so that the structure becomes clearer, e.g.




2) The numdiv(p-1) / divisors(p-1) are fixed and should be moved out of
the second 'until' loop. In fact, even then, this would be highly
inefficient. Use something like

 Q = factor(p-1)[,1]            \\ prime divisors of p-1
 if (bitsize(Q[#Q]) >= y, ...)  \\ largest prime divisor of p-1

3) It's immaterial here, but you probably want to start using my() rather than
local() [ see manual for the differences between the 2 ]

4) Sequences of print() statements quickly become unreadable; printf()
is your friend:

  print("P= ",p);print(" |p|_2= ",bitsize(p));


  printf("P = %d, |p|_2 = %d", p, bitsize(p));

5) Sequences of boolean tests are evaluated from left to right:
expressions like


are highly inefficient (contains 2 tests, the first one being slow, the
second one trivial). The following is much better:

 (bitsize(q)>=y) && (isprime(q))

6) No need to enclose tests within parentheses: it is enough to write

 bitsize(q)>=y && isprime(q)

7) Sequences of lift / Mod quickly become unreadable: decide once and for all
whether you want to use t_INTs or t_INTMODs (almost certainly the latter).
Once a sensible base ring is thus fixed, you can use lift() for printing
purposes (only). E.g.


Since g / y1 are t_INTs, the last line is almost certainly not why you want
[ computing g^u1 requires exponential time in log(p) ! ] Compare:

 \\ ASSUME that g and y1 are t_INTMOD mod p, requires modifying Keygen()
 s = Mod(s, q) \\ paranoia in case s is a t_INT or t_INTMOD mod p*q
 w = 1 / s;
 u1 = lift(m*w); \\ t_INT exponent
 u2 = lift(r*w);
 v = Mod(g^u1 * y1^u2, q);

I have more comments, but please rewrite your script first.


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