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RE: Pari/GP on AIX 5.3?


Thank you very much for this information.

I'll have the IBM unix admin who's working on this for me install readline and TeX next week.

1) What does 'file core' answer ?
core: AIX core file 32-bit, sh

Does this mean it's having a problem with sh?

2) What is the content of funclist-aix-none-520924.tmp  ?
It is empty.

I'll take a look at the archive you've indicated on Monday when I get back in the office.

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* Ursetti, Jerry [2010-08-21 00:19]:
> Can Pari/GP 2.3.4 be installed on AIX 5.3 using gcc 4.2.0?

Presumably, but we have no test machine running AIX...

Everything looks normal in your Configure run, including :

> ### Building without GNU readline support
> Is building without GNU readline support a problem?

A little : it means that line editing (cursor keys, TAB-completion...)
will not work in the gp interpreter. Just install the readline library
first, then re-run Configure. But we have a more serious problem to
tackle first (see below).

> When I try to run 'make all', I get this:
> tex: not found

'make all' starts by 'make doc', which tries to compile the
documentation. You need a working TeX installation for this. Again, this
is relatively easy to fix, and not a show-stopper.

> Making gp in Oaix-none
> The command then hangs. Files named core and
> funclist-aix-none-540924.tmp are created in Oaix-none.

This is a problem. Apparently some program crashes while generating the
database of available gp functions.

1) What does 'file core' answer ?
This should tell us the name of the crashing utility, presumably 'find'.

2) What is the content of funclist-aix-none-520924.tmp  ?
It should contain 694 lines of the form

3044099110 1085 ../functions/conversions/Col
4195552700 684 ../functions/conversions/List
981428093 924 ../functions/conversions/Mat
3682432533 352 ../functions/transcendental/thetanullk
2007207279 1064 ../functions/transcendental/weber
298482603 822 ../functions/transcendental/zeta

I guess it is empty...

> How can I find out what is happening with this?

The goal of all this is to regenerate the functions database, which is
only needed in an svn snapshot : in a regular distribution, all
necessary generated files are already included. Please investigate the
reasons for the crash first (cf above), then try the following archive :


(this is a regular svn snapshot containing all necessary generated files)


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