Karim Belabas on Sat, 21 Aug 2010 17:28:44 +0200

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Re: Pari/GP on AIX 5.3?

* Ursetti, Jerry [2010-08-21 00:19]:
> Can Pari/GP 2.3.4 be installed on AIX 5.3 using gcc 4.2.0?

Presumably, but we have no test machine running AIX...

Everything looks normal in your Configure run, including :

> ### Building without GNU readline support
> Is building without GNU readline support a problem?

A little : it means that line editing (cursor keys, TAB-completion...)
will not work in the gp interpreter. Just install the readline library
first, then re-run Configure. But we have a more serious problem to
tackle first (see below).

> When I try to run 'make all', I get this:
> tex: not found

'make all' starts by 'make doc', which tries to compile the
documentation. You need a working TeX installation for this. Again, this
is relatively easy to fix, and not a show-stopper.

> Making gp in Oaix-none
> The command then hangs. Files named core and
> funclist-aix-none-540924.tmp are created in Oaix-none.

This is a problem. Apparently some program crashes while generating the
database of available gp functions.

1) What does 'file core' answer ?
This should tell us the name of the crashing utility, presumably 'find'.

2) What is the content of funclist-aix-none-520924.tmp  ?
It should contain 694 lines of the form

3044099110 1085 ../functions/conversions/Col
4195552700 684 ../functions/conversions/List
981428093 924 ../functions/conversions/Mat
3682432533 352 ../functions/transcendental/thetanullk
2007207279 1064 ../functions/transcendental/weber
298482603 822 ../functions/transcendental/zeta

I guess it is empty...

> How can I find out what is happening with this?

The goal of all this is to regenerate the functions database, which is
only needed in an svn snapshot : in a regular distribution, all
necessary generated files are already included. Please investigate the
reasons for the crash first (cf above), then try the following archive :


(this is a regular svn snapshot containing all necessary generated files)


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