Karim BELABAS on Tue, 1 Oct 2002 14:38:25 +0200 (MEST)

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Re: Pari-GP 2.1.4 : BUG with AIX : install(addii,GG) .

On Tue, 1 Oct 2002, Tony Reix wrote:
> I used Pari a few in the past, but I had a very small knowledge of it.
> Now, my aim is to provide Pari-gp as one of the freewares we provide
> for AIX users on our Web site: http://www.bullfreeware.com/ .
> So, while compiling pari-gp 2.1.4 on AIX 4.3.3 , I got the following
> error while running "make bench".
> If someone could help me understanding if this error is due to
> the configuration (the default) I used or if it seems to be a
> problem with the compiler, or something else, please let me know.
> Also, let me know if this kind of error is severity ONE or only
> a very low-level problem.
> * Testing program       for gp-sta..BUG [840]
>   ? install(addii,GG)
> +   ***   can't find symbol 'addii' in dynamic symbol table of process.
>   ? addii(1,2)
> !   ***   unknown function or error in formal parameters: addii(1,2)

Minor problem. It simply means that 'install()' does not work. So you cannot
import arbitrary symbols from the PARI library [ or your own shared modules ]
in a GP session, and have to live with the ones which were exported by
default [ the documented GP routines ].

> ...Found dlopen.
When I last checked (AIX 4.1), dlopen()/dlsym() were not available.
Apparently, since then, support for shared object loading has been introduced
in the base system. So it should be possible to fix install().

Perhaps by compiling PARI as a shared library (don't know how to do this on
AIX). Perhaps by compiling the object files with gcc, instead of cc, possibly
with flag -fPIC. If you want to try and make it work, I can provide some
directions [ I have no more access to AIX systems ].


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