Tony Reix on Tue, 1 Oct 2002 14:18:22 +0200

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Pari-GP 2.1.4 : BUG with AIX : install(addii,GG) .


I used Pari a few in the past, but I had a very small knowledge of it.
Now, my aim is to provide Pari-gp as one of the freewares we provide
for AIX users on our Web site: .

So, while compiling pari-gp 2.1.4 on AIX 4.3.3 , I got the following
error while running "make bench".
If someone could help me understanding if this error is due to
the configuration (the default) I used or if it seems to be a
problem with the compiler, or something else, please let me know.
Also, let me know if this kind of error is severity ONE or only
a very low-level problem.


Tony Reix

 make bench | tee -a /ii/log/pari-2.1.4.log
        cd Oaix-none; make bench
* Testing objets        for gp-sta..TIME=40
* Testing analyz        for gp-sta..TIME=1390
* Testing number        for gp-sta..TIME=700
* Testing polyser       for gp-sta..TIME=200
* Testing linear        for gp-sta..TIME=250
* Testing elliptic      for gp-sta..TIME=620
* Testing sumiter       for gp-sta..TIME=1440
* Testing graph         for gp-sta..TIME=330
* Testing program       for gp-sta..BUG [840]
* Testing trans         for gp-sta..TIME=2340
* Testing nfields       for gp-sta..TIME=10970
+++ [BUG] Total bench for gp-sta is 10344

PROBLEMS WERE NOTED. The following files list them in diff format:
Directory: /ii/po/pari-2.1.4/Oaix-none
Target "bench" is up to date.

The file program-sta.dif contains :

*** ../src/test/32/program      Tue Feb 15 18:09:12 2000
--- gp.out      Mon Sep 30 18:31:58 2002
*** 108,118 ****
  350 1.632105905172986668189652273
  400 1.632424285532931448171405619
  ? install(addii,GG)
  ? addii(1,2)
! 3
  ? kill(addii)
  ? getheap
! [21, 2993]
  ? print("Total time spent: ",gettime);
! Total time spent: 1138
  ? \q
--- 108,121 ----
  350 1.632105905172986668189652273
  400 1.632424285532931448171405619
  ? install(addii,GG)
+   ***   can't find symbol 'addii' in dynamic symbol table of process.
  ? addii(1,2)
!   ***   unknown function or error in formal parameters: addii(1,2)
!                                                         ^----------
  ? kill(addii)
  ? getheap
! [20, 2986]
  ? print("Total time spent: ",gettime);
! Total time spent: 840
  ? \q

Here after is the output of Configure :

Configuring pari-2.1.4 (STABLE)
Checking echo to see how to suppress newlines...
...using \c
Looking for some tools first ...
...ld is /usr/bin/ld
...zcat is /usr/bin/zcat
...gzip is /usr/bin/gzip
...ranlib is /usr/bin/ranlib
...perl is /usr/bin/perl
Building for architecture: unknown
Checking for optional libraries and headers...
...Found libX11 in /usr/lib
...Extra Libraries are
...Found X11 header files in /usr/include/X11
...Found libreadline in /usr/local/lib
...Found libtermcap in /lib
...Found GNU readline header in /usr/local/include/readline
...Library termcap needed by readline
Looking for the compilers ... is /usr/bin/cc
...gcc is /usr/local/bin/gcc
GNU compiler version 2.95.3 20010315 (release)
C compiler is          /usr/bin/cc  -O2 -qlanglvl=ansi -qtune=601
Looking for an assembler ... is /usr/bin/as
Assembler is           /usr/bin/as
C PreProcessor is      /usr/bin/cc  -E -I.
Executable linker is   /usr/bin/cc  -O2 -qlanglvl=ansi -qtune=601
No Dynamic Lib
Given the previous choices, sizeof(long) is 4 chars.
The internal word representation of a double is l[0], l[1].
Checking some common types...
...Found ulong.
Looking in C lib for some symbols...
...I did not find exp2.
...I did not find strftime.
...Found getrusage.
...Found sigrelse.
...I did not find TIOCGWINSZ.
...Found getrlimit.
...I did not find TIOCGWINSZ.
...Found getrlimit.
...Found opendir.
...I did not find vsnprintf.
...Found dlopen.
Installation prefix ? [/ii/po/pari-2.1.4/usr/local]
...for architecture-independant files (share-prefix) ? []
..."gp" executable ? [/ii/po/pari-2.1.4/usr/local/bin]
..."pari" library ? [/ii/po/pari-2.1.4/usr/local/lib]
...include files ? [/ii/po/pari-2.1.4/usr/local/include/pari]
...manual pages ? [/ii/po/pari-2.1.4/usr/local/man/man1]
...documentation, examples, and emacs macros ?
...miscellaneous data (galois resolvents) ?
Default is static executable and archive library, graphic=X11
Extracting examples/Makefile.aix-none
Extracting Oaix-none/Makefile
Extracting Makefile
Extracting Oaix-none/paricfg.h
Extracting Oaix-none/../Odos/paricfg.h
Extracting scripts and macros doc emacs misc
Shall we try to build pari 2.1.4 (released) now (y/n)? [n]
Ok. Type "make install" when you are ready
Bye !