Katherine Sauceda on Thu, 7 Jun 2001 16:12:49 -0700

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Can't build Math::PARI

Ultimately, I wan to build things like Net:SSH:perl for my perl programmers
to use. So I need Math::PARI.

I compiled and installed pari-2.1.1 - no errors. I put Math::PARI in the
build directory for pari-2.1.1 and make fails (using gcc, no Sun compilers

<minime> # perl Makefile.PL
Found PARI build directory in .. 
     (formatted ..).
Cannot find SUNWspro dirs, needed for -lsunmath, using NOEXP2.
Checking if your kit is complete...
Looks good
Note (probably harmless): No library found for -lgnuplot
...Processor of family `sparcv9' detected
...I will use assembler build of type 'sparcv8_micro'.
WARNING from evaluation of
Cannot find SUNWspro dirs, needed for -lsunmath at (eval 27) line 293.
Writing Makefile for Math::Pari
<minime> # make test
cp libPARI.pod blib/lib/Math/libPARI.pod
cp foncpari.pl blib/lib/Math/foncpari.pl
cp comp_funcs.pl blib/lib/Math/comp_funcs.pl
cp Pari.pm blib/lib/Math/Pari.pm
make: *** No rule to make target `libPARI/Makefile', needed by
`libPARI/libPARI.a'.  Stop.

I get the same error on older versions of the module. Can't seem to find any
indication of this problem in the news groups. I've looked through the
patches in Math::PARI and I do not see anything that would address this

Can someone give me some advice, please?

Katherine Sauceda 
UNIX Systems Administrator
Lucasfilm, LTD.