Gottfried Helms on Wed, 22 Nov 2017 14:47:56 +0100

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Re: "--emacs" -option was functional for my Pari/GP-console but is not since GP 2.5 // P.s.

Am 22.11.2017 um 14:19 schrieb Gottfried Helms:
> Dear friends -
>  (this is an improved repost from feb'2016)

Upps, I should have appended from the conversation of feb.2016:

Maybe the exposition of my problem in 2016 has been somehow obfuscating -
of all my own programming I expect that the source of the problem
need not be in deep OS-specifica, but only in the communication-
loop of the program to append an (additional) prompt to his messages
or not.

Two kind suggestions of Karim could I not follow:

> I would also suggest to have a look at examples/minigp.c: it should be
> simpler to simply evaluate strings on your side (and do something with
> the GEN result, e.g. convert them to characters strings ready for output)
> than to set up and communicate with a separate gp process.

I couldn't find that minigp.c in all my sources of GP-versions (downloaded
by tarball-archives)

> N.B. Have a look in git's 'master' branch, which implements a (nearly)
> full-fledged gp in 30 lines [ the one from 2.7.* lacks a lot of features
> because the necessary modules had not yet been moved to libpari ].

I'm completely unfamiliar with GitHub and I couldn't manage to find
an access/a route to this. Perhaps such a 30-liner, translated to Delphi,
would really solve my problem in that other way - likely even a cleaner

Gottfried Helms

P.S.: In the beginning of 2016 my health began to degrade, so I couldn't take
the time to engage in the conversation then. So please also pardon that
uncommunicative behave of mine...