Gottfried Helms on Wed, 22 Nov 2017 14:19:37 +0100

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"--emacs" -option was functional for my Pari/GP-console but is not since GP 2.5

Dear friends -

 (this is an improved repost from feb'2016)

 in 2005 or so I wrote a GUI-environment for Pari/GP (version 2.2.11)
 using Delphi 6 which calles Pari/GP as (invisible) subprocess.
 whis is exactly analoguous to calling Pari/GP via EMACS.
 However, that functionality broke with version 2.5 of Pari/GP and
 now we have already version 2.9 and I still cannot adapt my PariTTY-
 tool to the new GP-versions. I think a solution should be simple
 because it only requires sending the Pari/GP-prompt after each
 message (as it is/has been done for "emacs" and windows-"cmd").


 The communication with EMACS is dependent on detectable tokens
 at the end of each message (as is also remarked in the accompanying
 help-files for GP), the same is true with my GUI - I've implemented the
 same technique as the emacs-programmers.

 Unfortunately, using the option
                          "gp.exe    --emacs"
                                     in the command-line
 does no more (since GP-version 2.5) trigger that communication modus, and I
 don't know why.

 In version 2.2.11 that modus made one "prompt" at the end of each message,
 in version 2.4. that modus made two "prompt"s at the end of each message.
 With that behave my utility works really fine.

 Since version 2.5 that appending of "prompts" does no more occur and thus
 I cannot upgrade my PariTTY-utility since.

 Suprisingly, when I start Pari/GP in an ordinary command-box in windows ,
 each version provides that prompt at the end of its output-messages.

 I was searching in the Pari/GP-sources for the most likely place where
 the " --emacs" -option and/or the question whether it is called by a
 Window command-console is evaluated such that a "pari_puts(prompt)" or so
 is executed or not to help someone answering on this problem.
 However the findings were not conclusive so far,

 So my question is: how I could reactivate the communicativity of my
 PariTTY-GUI to be able to adapt PariTTY to the evolving and more modern
 versions of Pari/GP.

 Alternatively, could there please be another commandline-parameter introduced,
 which switches to a modus, which postfixes each GP-output with the GP-prompt
 via the STDOUT (independently of the name of the process from where Pari/GP
 was called (emacs,cmd,texmacs) )?

 Thanks in advance -

 Gottfried Helms