Lorenz Minder on Fri, 18 Sep 2009 07:42:38 +0200

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Re: Static analyzer run


> * Bill Allombert [2009-09-16 12:46]:
> > Commited in revision 11921. I find very unfortunate that gerepileall 
> > take an explicit argument number. I was hopping for some preprocessing
> > trickery to avoid that, but I found none.
> Neither did I when I orignally implemented it.

C89 does not have variadic macros, so I think it's unlikely this can be
done in C89.

But in the context it may be worth pointing out that users of libpari
who do not care for C89 compatibility can use C99's __VA_LIST__ for this
if they want the convenience.
#define gerepileall_a(av, ...) \
  gerepileall(av, sizeof((GEN*[]){__VA_LIST__})/sizeof(GEN*), __VA_LIST__)


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