Jason Moxham on Sun, 28 Jun 2009 22:56:40 +0200

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Re: Pari svn on MSVC

----- Original Message ----- From: "Bill Allombert" <Bill.Allombert@math.u-bordeaux1.fr>
To: <pari-dev@list.cr.yp.to>
Sent: Sunday, June 28, 2009 9:17 PM
Subject: Re: Pari svn on MSVC

On Sat, Jun 27, 2009 at 04:43:05PM +0200, Bill Allombert wrote:
On Sat, Jun 27, 2009 at 01:37:55AM +0100, Jason Moxham wrote:
> By the way , pari svn works under MSVC now with and without MPIR/GMP
> I'm just going thru the hacks I did.
> In the file
> src/gp/gp.c
> there is use of the function
> alarm(int)
> This function does not exist for MSVC or MinGW , for the moment I have
> just commented it out to get it to compile and run. I imagine there is > a
> suitible substitute for it under windows.

At worse, we can disable alamr in Configure, bug I used alarm instead of
setitimer/getitimer because alarm is available in UNIX v7...

I attach a patch that check for alamr in Configure and set HAS_ALARM
accoridingly. I suppose it address your issue since since HAS_ALARM is not
defined in Odos/paricfg.h. However it would be better to add an alternative
implementation for MSVC.

Thanks , I'll look in to an alternative , it can certainly be done using threads , but there must be an easier way , I'll ask someone who knows...

Are you running the Configure script ?

Not using the configure script directly for MSVC.

I really wonder if there are system where Configure is used and alarm
does not exist. If not, the Configure part of the patch is useless.

MSYS/MinGW32/64 runs the Configure script and does not have alarm , this is quite likely to be the only one , ever , unless Microsfot ship a bash shell :)