Xavier-Francois Roblot on Wed, 20 Jun 2007 16:07:55 +0200

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Compilation for debugging


I have a C-file called series.c that contains a certain number of
functions that I use in GP files using install. Previously, when it did
not work properly, I was able to compile it in debug mode and run it
with dbg to find out what was going on. But when I try to do that now, I
get the following error:  

gcc -c -g -o series.o -Wall -fPIC -I/home/roblot/pari/installed/include series.c -L/home/roblot/pari/Olinux-i686.dbg -L/usr/lib && gcc -o series.so -shared -Wall -fPIC -fomit-frame-pointer -Wl,-shared series.o -L/home/roblot/pari/Olinux-i686.dbg -lc -ldl -lm -L/usr/lib -lpari
/usr/lib/gcc/i686-pc-linux-gnu/4.1.2/../../../../i686-pc-linux-gnu/bin/ld: avma: TLS reference in series.o mismatches non-TLS definition in /home/roblot/pari/Olinux-i686.dbg/libpari.so section .bss
/home/roblot/pari/Olinux-i686.dbg/libpari.so: could not read symbols: Bad value
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [debug] Error 1

For information, I am using GCC v.4.1.2.

If anybody can help, I would be very grateful since it is quite
difficult to debug a big program without using gdb :o)