Karim Belabas on Fri, 08 Jun 2007 08:51:12 +0200

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Re: ../functions/programming/require is not terminated at PARI/822.pm line 92

* Ilya Zakharevich [2006-01-19 04:38]:
> As the message shows:
>   ../functions/programming/require is not terminated at PARI/822.pm line 92
> PARI::822 requires invisible formatting of a file (should be
> terminated by an empty line).  I do not think this is kosher.

Sorry, had forgotten to answer that one.

Yes you are right. The current (CVS) PARI:822 no longer relies on
invisible formatting:

1) no need to end the record with an empty line
2) empty lines are allowed in the middle of entries [ used to require a
single leading space ]
3) there are now built-in checks for non-printing characters, which are
easy to introduce using some text editors and would get rejected by TeX


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