Roland Dreier on 21 Sep 2003 10:02:57 -0700

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Re: performance comparison

    > I ran nfgaloisconj(degree-92 pol) on 3 different platforms:
    > Tru64 on 1GHz ev68 compiled with cc		99s
    > Linux on 2.4GHz athlon compiled with gcc	220s
    > Linux on 3.0GHz P4 compiled with gcc		302s
    > I used --with-gmp for compilation of latest CVS sources and the
    > initial stack was 256m.

Can you send me the polynomial you used (or better still the exact gp
script) so that I can run the same test?  I have a couple of Itanium
and Opteron machines (as well a variety of Xeons), and I'd be curious
to know if the 64-bit arch is what makes the difference.