Igor Schein on Sun, 21 Sep 2003 02:28:24 -0400

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performance comparison


I ran nfgaloisconj(degree-92 pol) on 3 different platforms:

Tru64 on 1GHz ev68 compiled with cc		99s
Linux on 2.4GHz athlon compiled with gcc	220s
Linux on 3.0GHz P4 compiled with gcc		302s

I used --with-gmp for compilation of latest CVS sources and the
initial stack was 256m.

I can see 2 things here, that P4 does lose in comparison to Athlon,
and that Alpha is a clear winner.  Am I correct in assuming that this
is essentially a benchmark of floating point performance, where Alpha
is way superior, or does Alpha's large cache play the role in the
equation?   Or maybe gcc-vs-cc proposition is the factor here?

In fact, I suspect that Pari's benches are dominated by integer
arithmetic, making P4 the fastest platform, while most number field
operations are floating point internsive.  Since number fields are
bread-and-butter of Pari...

Just curious.