Bill Allombert on Thu, 13 Mar 2003 12:40:46 +0100

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Re: Question on make bench...

On Thu, Mar 13, 2003 at 12:50:06AM -0600, David Cleaver wrote:
> Hello again,
> OK, after installing the FULL cygwin setup and running ./Configure -a
> and telling it I was i686 and to compile it statically, everything
> compiled fine and gp is running great.  [at least, as far as I can tell
> since this is my first time to use it]  Anyway, I can run gp just fine,
> but when I type "make bench" at the prompt it says:
> Making bench in Ocygwin-
> Please run Configure first!
> make: *** [bench] Error 1

Please do
cd Ocygwin-i686; make bench

The Configure script is supposed to output 
Type 'cd Ocygwin-i686; make install'
but that does not work if you change the --host value. I will
try to fix that.

> And when I type "echo $HOSTTYPE" it returns i686.  So, why is there
> nothing after the Ocygwin- ?  Anyone have an idea how I might be able to
> run "make bench"?  Thanks for the help thus far.

Did you 'export' this variable with
export HOSTTYPE 
or (csh)
setenv HOSTTYPE 

You can check that with 'env'

By the way, is there a better way to get the architecture under cygwin ?
Though for all I know we can at least assume it is i383 if HOSTTYPE is not