David Cleaver on Thu, 13 Mar 2003 00:50:06 -0600

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Question on make bench...

Hello again,

OK, after installing the FULL cygwin setup and running ./Configure -a
and telling it I was i686 and to compile it statically, everything
compiled fine and gp is running great.  [at least, as far as I can tell
since this is my first time to use it]  Anyway, I can run gp just fine,
but when I type "make bench" at the prompt it says:

Making bench in Ocygwin-
Please run Configure first!
make: *** [bench] Error 1

And when I type "echo $HOSTTYPE" it returns i686.  So, why is there
nothing after the Ocygwin- ?  Anyone have an idea how I might be able to
run "make bench"?  Thanks for the help thus far.

-David C.